Powder electrostatic spray gun basic working principle

To better understand the basic working principle of the powder electrostatic spray gun, first introduce the relevant knowledge, and then specify. We know that an isolated conductor, when it is charged with static electricity, the distribution of the charge on the surface of the conductor is related to the curvature of the surface. If the surface curvature of the conductor is large, the charge density is large, and the curvature is small, the charge density is small. From the above, it is easy to understand powder static. On the one hand, the high-voltage electrostatic generator is used as the electric field source, and the discharge needle of the electrostatic spray gun generates the tip discharge, so that the air surrounding the sprayed workpiece is ionized to form the ion region. On the one hand, the powder is mixed with the air flow in the powder feeder, and is atomized by the spray gun under the suction of compressed air, and passes through the air ion region, so that the neutral powder particles trap a large amount of electrons and become negatively charged. At this time, under the action of the electrostatic force, it attracts the positively charged workpiece. In this way, the powder can not only be sprayed on the front of the workpiece, but also can be sprayed on both sides of the workpiece and the back, forming a "hugging" effect. In addition, the powder material is often insulated, and its charge is not easy to neutralize except for the charge on the surface of the workpiece due to the grounding discharge neutralization. Therefore, when more powder is sprayed, the accumulation of powder charge increases, and the increase in negative charge results in the occurrence of “same-sex repulsion”. Since the “isotropic repulsion” increases, the powder is sprayed. After reaching a certain thickness on the workpiece, no further powdering is continued. This is the reason why the surface of the workpiece cannot be powdered after the powder layer reaches a certain thickness during the dusting process.

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