Why the market is difficult to plant protective equipment

At present, it is during the peak season of rural plant protection operations. Luo Linkui, owner of Qutan County, Longtan Township, Qu County, wrote a letter to this reporter’s report: Many pesticide use instructions include provisions for wearing protective masks and other protective equipment. However, the general county does not sell these items. Somehow, there is no producer or distribution. Business does not want to purchase?

After a survey by the reporter, it was found that the dealers were not reluctant to purchase goods, but because the market demand was low. The low demand reflects from one aspect that the majority of farmers need to strengthen their awareness of protection in plant protection operations.

Market demand is low and distributors are few

Luo Linkui, a 60-year-old, is a well-educated owner. His orchards cannot avoid plant protection operations all year round.

On June 18, he told reporters: “Over the years, I have worn regular gauze masks. Only four layers of gauze can't do much. If I spill 4 potions of medicine, I feel flustered, I have difficulty breathing, I am weak, I have an appetite. "Reduced." He hoped to buy professional plant protection products, but he did not run into local townships and counties.

The reporter then went to Houxi Street, where Quxian County's agricultural resources distribution center was concentrated. Yan Guangbing, an owner of the agricultural distribution center, said plainly: “Plant protection special protective equipment is not easy to sell. It is not stocked.”

"Some farmers wear them? They don't have a sense of protection. Even if they have a sense of protection they won't necessarily buy it. They buy a bottle of pesticide for a few yuan and they must bargain. Special protective equipment is even more expensive." Zhang Tianxiong, the boss, said: "There are generally large-scale bases for demand, but after all, they are individual. We are concerned that it will be difficult to sell."

Professional plant protection products can't be seen in small towns. How about in big cities?

On June 21st, in the province’s largest wholesale market in Chengdu, Jingjusi Agricultural Comprehensive Wholesale Market, the reporter saw the sale of “self-priming filter-type anti-virus half masks” in the stores where sprayers are sold. This mask contains activated carbon. Can effectively improve the protection capabilities. Among them, there is a protective clothing. However, the reporter strolled around and found that the sales of these supplies are also very few. "Gas masks and antivirus glasses, a set of eight or ninety-nine yuan, are generally used in orchards, but sales are not large. We just match one breed only." Lan Xin, owner of the agricultural sales center in Lanxin said.

“The gas mask has one or two yuan or thirty or forty yuan, but no farmers to buy it.” Yang Shaofang, a staff member of the Jinli District Agricultural Machinery Business Department in Chengdu, told reporters: “The main buyer is the owner of the base and the workers are ."

Huimin Farming Equipment Co., Ltd. Xiao Hu said: “Our protective clothing is a set of more than 70 yuan, which is a gift for equipment. No one specifically spends money to buy it. To buy a protective clothing, two sprayers arrive, and the farmers will buy it one by one. !”

Strengthen the sense of protection to ensure the safety of operations

At the Jingjusi Agricultural Comprehensive Wholesale Market, the reporter saw an old farmer in the Meilin Village, Sansheng Township, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, who was selecting a sprayer and immediately asked him if he would be willing to purchase related plant protection products. He said: "I never bought it. I didn't spray it. I just picked some vegetables and planted some vegetables. Usually killing locusts, I usually spray a pot of medicine. I'll get it in 20 minutes. Masks and protective clothing are troublesome.”

“Single-family single-family households have poor protection awareness and less demand for protective equipment,” said Yuzhong Lin, deputy director of the Quxian Agricultural Bureau Plant Protection Station. “The county's plant protection is generally used as a medical mask. The pharmacies sell it, and they have good medical masks. There are more than 10 layers of gauze, which also can effectively block the smell in the air and reduce the harm to the human body."

Yu Zhonglin introduced that in previous years, the county had used project funds to distribute several hundred plant protection equipments for some plant protection professional cooperatives, and each plant had plant protection protective clothing donated by the manufacturers. The advantage of wearing protective clothing is that once the leakage of the medicine does not harm the skin, there is no merchant distribution on the Qu County market. Yuzhong Lin said: "If it is necessary, it is usually ordered to the manufacturers."

Yang Shaofang said: “The spraying of pesticides is a dangerous operation, and the pesticide users can reduce the hazards of using pesticides by wearing protective clothing and protective equipment. Farmers must have a sense of safe drug use, strengthen self-protection, and lose money. If you enter the hospital, the medicine is not bargaining."

According to the plant protection operation procedures, protective clothing, masks, and other protective equipment should be worn when carrying out pest control operations. At present, there are no manufacturers to produce special gauze masks for plant protection, and medical masks are often used as substitutes for plant protection operations. In addition, there are no manufacturers specializing in the production of protective clothing in our province, and only manufacturers outside the province. A little bit of protective clothing is worth a hundred yuan, and the market sales are small. Dealers really do not want to distribute. If necessary, the owner can contact the local plant protection department for consultation or purchase directly from the factory.

According to relevant experts from the Provincial Plant Protection Station, although the plant protection departments at all levels provide training on safe drug use for farmers every year, rural farmers are currently older, have less knowledge of culture, and have a poor sense of self-protection. It takes a process to increase farmers’ awareness of protection. . Plant Protection Cooperatives specialize in pest control, and farmers in need can purchase plant protection services from local plant protection cooperatives to avoid the danger of pesticide application.

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