The development trend of domestic plastic packaging materials

1. The composite substrate biaxially stretched film develops rapidly
At present, we should introduce high-tech equipment, develop special polyester film, produce heat-sealed film through multi-layer coextrusion technology, occupy the market of fresh food and frozen food packaging, and introduce polyester to adapt to the production of heat shrinkable film technology. The bottle label is made of a film or the like.

2. High barrier, multifunctional film is developing to new levels of technology
The original composite film is developing to a deeper level, and printing technology has taken a new step, accelerating the pace of entering the color revolution. At the same time, the whole industry has a monthly offset and flexographic color system, which promotes the development of soft plastic packaging materials. The anti-counterfeiting packaging film is developing rapidly and is called the normally-open flower of soft plastic packaging.

3. The development of multi-layer coextrusion technology has changed the product structure of functional films and containers to meet market demand.

With the development of the market economy, commodity packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, and household appliance packaging all have higher requirements. On the one hand, with the growing voice of environmental protection, how to minimize the amount of garbage generated under the premise of satisfying the packaging functionality, so that the packaging film and packaging container are developed in the direction of light weight and thin wall, and dry compounding is The main high-barrier film, which uses adhesives and solvents in the production process, easily pollutes the environment, and develops co-extruded packaging film, which has low investment in process equipment, low cost, strong adaptability and convenient operation. International co-extrusion technology has developed rapidly. Relevant data show that co-extruded packaging film accounts for 40% of the total soft plastic packaging materials in developed countries, while we only account for 6%, still based on dry composite film, the proportion of the two is unreasonable. .

4. Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping packaging film market has broad prospects
China is the world's largest producer and seller of fruits and vegetables. However, about 30% of the fruits are lost during storage, transportation and sales. The important reasons for improper packaging are the increasingly competitive market conditions. important.

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