Scientists use "light pulse" technology or can control human brain cell "switches"

According to media reports, the nerve activity of the brain is ongoing all the time. Even if we enter sleep state, the human brain is still in operation, can the brain stop working, and if there is such a situation, what will happen? phenomenon. Recently, scientists have successfully studied a brain "close button", specifically, using light pulses to effectively shut down brain nerve activity.

Scientists use "light pulse" technology or can control human brain cell "switches"

Scientists have mastered the technique of switching light on independent brain cells using light, and named it "optogenetics." Researchers around the world are using this technology to study brain cells, stem cells, and other cells that require electrical signal control. After nearly a decade of research, scientists have finally made new breakthroughs in this field - mastering effective ways to open and close neurons. The research team re-engineered its own light-sensitive protein tools, increasing the effectiveness of this technology.

The researchers say that this technique of locally increasing light sensitivity to inhibit brain activity is very exciting, in part because it is effective in brain-volume animals such as mice and marmosets. The new technology only needs to change 10 of the genital proteins. Amino acid. It creates an effective tool that allows neuroscientists to cut off any given loop accurately, with control times accurate to the millisecond level. Because the use of light can shut down problematic brain cells and cause minimal trauma, this technique can help scientists study the treatment of some brain diseases.

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