Analysis of air conditioning system for high and low temperature impact testing machine

Air conditioning is also called air conditioning, referred to as air conditioning. A technique for man-made methods of treating the temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and airflow velocity of indoor air. It can make certain places obtain air with a certain temperature and certain humidity to meet the requirements of users and production processes and improve labor hygiene and indoor climatic conditions. A generally reasonable process is to first make the outside air fully contact with the temperature-controlled water to reach the corresponding saturated humidity, and then heat the saturated air to the desired temperature. When the temperature and humidity of some of the original air are too low, it can be heated in advance or directly into the steam to ensure that it becomes saturated air when it comes into contact with water. The air conditioning system of the high and low temperature impact testing machine, the specific parameters are as follows:

1. Air conditioning mode: forced ventilation internal temperature adjustment method (BTC). The method means that when the refrigeration system is continuously operated, the control system controls the output of the heater according to the result of the PID automatic calculation output according to the set temperature point, and finally achieves a dynamic balance.

2, air circulation device: high and low temperature impact test machine built-in air conditioning room, circulation air duct and long-axis centrifugal fan, using efficient refrigerator and energy regulation system, through the efficient ventilation of the effective exchange, to achieve the purpose of temperature changes . By improving the air flow, the air flow rate and the heat exchange capacity with the heater and the air cooler are improved, thereby greatly improving the temperature uniformity of the test chamber.

3. Heating method: high quality nickel-chromium alloy wire electric heater;

4, air cooling mode: multi-stage diaphragm air heat exchanger

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Label: Analysis of air conditioning system for high and low temperature impact testing machine

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