Is the safe really safe?

This question is very difficult to answer because of what? Because I just sell safes, I cannot say that my products are not good. But I can't boast of my product. This way you feel like I'm talking something overstated. I can only help you analyze how insurance is actually protected:

(1) The general outer structure of the safe is iron or steel and is not easily damaged. (2) The locks and keys of the safe are processed and can only be one to one. (3) The safe has a double password protection mechanism.

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Applications for the U Seal or u cup Seal : .automobile, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, trucks, buses, trailers, exercise equipment 2.Sealfunction  for the U seal or u cup seal: Excellent durability and flexibility in using. Excellent in resistance against heat,oil and wear. Show stable in high speed rotation.  Large power, high speed, long service life, small distortion, less space occupy.

U Seal

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