Daily maintenance of bag filter

In the daily operation of the bag filter, some changes will occur due to operating conditions, or some faults will affect the normal operation and working performance of the equipment. Regular inspections and appropriate adjustments are required to extend the equipment. The life of the filter bag reduces power consumption and recycles useful materials. The issues that should be noted are:

1. Operation record Each ventilation and dust removal system must be installed and equipped with the necessary test instruments. It must be periodically measured and accurately recorded in daily operation. This can be based on the pressure difference of the system, the inlet and outlet gas temperatures. The value and change of the voltage and current of the main motor are judged, and the fault is discharged in time to ensure its normal operation.

The problems found through the records are: the working condition of the cleaning mechanism, the working conditions of the filter bag (damage, paste bag, blockage, etc.), and changes in the system air volume.

2, fluid resistance U-type differential pressure gauge can be used to judge the operation: if the pressure difference is increased, it means that the filter bag is clogged, the water vapor condensation on the filter bag, the cleaning mechanism is invalid, the ash ash is too much to block the filter bag, Increased gas flow rate, etc. A decrease in the pressure difference means that the filter bag is broken or loose, the inlet side pipe is blocked, or the valve is closed. There is leakage between the cabinet or each sub-chamber, and the fan speed is slowed down.

3, safety bag type dust collector should pay special attention to take measures to prevent burning, explosion and fire accidents. When dealing with combustion gases or high-temperature gases, there are often incompletely burned dust, sparks, burning and explosive gases entering the system. Some dusts have the property of self-ignition or ignition, and at the same time, most of the materials of the filter materials All are easy to burn, friction is easy to accumulate static electricity. Under such operating conditions, there are dangers of burning and explosion accidents. The consequences of such accidents are often very serious. Fire and explosion protection measures should be considered well, such as:

(1) A combustion chamber or a Mars trap is placed in front of the precipitator to completely burn the incompletely combusted dust and gas or to capture the Mars.

(2) Take measures to prevent static electricity accumulation. Each part is grounded with a conductive material, or conductive fibers are added during the manufacture of the filter material.

(3) Prevent dust from accumulating or accumulating to avoid spontaneous combustion and explosion of dust.

(4) Before entering the bag room or pipeline inspection or maintenance, be sure to ventilate and ventilate to prevent CO poisoning.

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