Ten thousand yuan led VOC fingerprint lock Wanxing Technology layout Internet of Things big action

On June 22, 2016, Wanxing Technology held a signing ceremony at its headquarters in Shenzhen, announcing that it will lead the Swedish VOC fingerprint lock brand authorized cooperative manufacturer, Zhejiang Yaheda Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., with tens of millions of capital. Investment institutions also share investment.
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Wu Taibing, founder and president of Wanxing Technology, shared investment and voted for CEO Cai Cong, VOC smart lock CEO Lin Feihe signed a contract at the scene and invited dozens of authoritative media to witness.

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Founded in 2003, Wanxing Technology has cutting-edge core technologies such as big data, cloud platform, intelligent data mining, identification and authentication, and communication data encryption, as well as powerful software system development capabilities. Its main business is to more than 200 countries around the world. Consumers in the region and the region offer applications based on devices such as PCs, Macs, iPhones, and Android phones. They also own a "spotted cat" that focuses on the IoT home security field.

This investment is another major move of Wanxing Technology in the Internet of Things industry since the acquisition of spotted cats in 2010.

VOC is a 21-year-old high-end Swedish brand, mastering 37 core patent technologies, and has a well-established supply chain and offline channels in China. More than 140 cities in China have their regional agents and service networks, and after-sales service can even be extended to various townships. This kind of resources and experience will be of great benefit to the marketing and promotion of Wanxing's Internet of Things home security products.

VOC not only pays attention to the safety of door locks and the aesthetics of design, but also pays great attention to the ease of use of products. Wu Taibing, founder and president of Wanxing Technology, said at the signing ceremony: "VOC is not only complementary to Wanxing in the manufacturing capabilities, supply chain and channel construction of IoT products represented by fingerprint locks. The product concept of advocating function is simple and easy to use, and the pursuit of demanding user experience is also in line with Wanxing's long-term pursuit of improving user experience. More importantly, VOC also has the determination and courage to develop the Internet and develop smart home business. The slogan of smart homes quickly seizes the opportunity and embraces the changes of the times. Today, signing strategic cooperation is a matter of course."

In addition, the positioning of the smart home brand spotted cats under Wanxing Technology is “the leader of the Internet of Things home security”. “Safety” has long been the strategic core of the spotted cat, which is also in line with the VOC brand.

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According to Mr. Wu Taibing, Wanxing Technology has invested nearly 100 million in smart home in the past three years, and will release more products related to IoT home security this year, including smart fingerprint locks developed in cooperation with VOC. To improve the entire IoT home security system. The products and solutions that the two parties cooperate with may be jointly marketing.

After the signing ceremony, the reporter of Sina Shenzhen Science and Technology Channel made a brief interview with Mr. Wu Taibing, founder and president of Wanxing Technology:

Sina Reporter : The development of smart home has always been tepid. Do you think that this industry will usher in a tipping point in the future? If so, where do you think this point is?

Wu Taibing: I have done a lot of trials and studies in this industry. I have also been confused about this issue. But then I slowly thought about it. I often compare the automobile industry. The automobile industry has been more than 100 years old today. Can you tell me which day is the day when the automobile industry detonated? In China, everyone has become accustomed to a mode of thinking, which is the mode of thinking in the era of economic shortage.

Recently, the central government has proposed a reform of the supply system. Not many people understand the meaning. This reform is aimed at our previous way of thinking: when the house is in short supply, the house will be built on a large scale; if the car is in short supply, the car will be built on a large scale; if the expressway is in short supply, the road will be repaired on a large scale.

We do all the products and are in the market in pursuit of large quantities and quickly. It is difficult for us to accept that a new industry, with its natural laws, grows slowly and little by little.

So today many people buy toilets to go to Japan, buy milk powder to go to Hong Kong, buy bags to go abroad.

The domestic market needs some high-end things, and it is no longer feasible to copy the model of copying foreign things in China. What is most needed at this time is not marketing thinking, what is needed is product development thinking.

We said that Huawei is a good cow today. Where is the Chinese cow? It is not that it has a mess. It is true that its success is related to Ren Zhengfei, but the core factor is not Ren Zhengfei, but China’s fast-growing mass communication market. This soil has made a communication company like Huawei, and then they take the money they have earned from this market to the world to attack the city, and today they have world-class success.

The final future of smart homes must be in China, because China's speed of building houses around the world is unique. Moreover, the market in this country is highly unified, and the barriers between the provinces are very limited. Unlike the United States, each state is different.

So there must be a world-class smart home business in this soil, but you need to rethink what kind of products you need in this market. In the context of the supply system reform, the key point of smart home development is not in the market – the market already needs smart home products – and one day a company that is working hard to make products, inputs, upstream and downstream supply chains When all is open.

Sina reporter : Nowadays , there are many companies that claim to be smart home systems , and what are the unique advantages of spotted cats .

Wu Taibing : Most smart home companies today still want to develop quickly, get listed quickly, and get on the market quickly. As long as they have this kind of thinking, they will not sink to the heart. Therefore, their product user satisfaction is very poor, and the return rate is very high.

To form a system, products need to have a high level, need resources, and need to be implemented. If you only focus on the product, the things you develop must be soulless.

Thinking is the most important thing. The thinking logic of many smart home enterprises is bottom-up, rather than making overall planning at the beginning. As new products are introduced, the system is constantly changing, which can cause significant problems for the system.

Sina reporters: Wanxing is a software to do business, to do some very good APP, the smart home system Wanxing's, APP is in what position?

Wu Taibing : Wanxing is not the same as doing smart homes, but the core of smart home is software. The core is unchanged. But the core of smart home is the cloud, everything is a secondary device, including mobile phones and apps. We don't want to use the APP as the control center of the smart home. We don't need to pick up the mobile phone for every operation. In the smart home scene that Wanxing conceived, the user's voice, expression, behavior, and body movements can be detected by the sensor. The smart device responds accordingly. We believe that the most important and optimal way to interact in the future is "no interaction."

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