Rafi Exchange APP software development (can be secondary development)

The APP software development of Lafite Exchange can be found in [Zhuang Sheng: 158, 1504, micro 7940], the development of the mining machine system of Lafite Exchange, and the development of the trading income system of Lafite Exchange.

Lafite Exchange is a very easy-to-use mobile money-making software. The software is powerful, safe and reliable. Users can choose to mine here to make money. It can also make money through promotion. It is super easy to make money.

1. Directly push 10 effective members and reward 1 experience mining machine.

2. Directly push 20 effective members and reward 2 experience mining machines.

3. Directly push 100 effective members and reward 10 experience mining machines.

4. Directly push 200 effective members and reward 20 experience mining machines (and so on)

Software function

Junior shareholders: directly recommend 5 people, 30 people within three generations, with a computing power of 100G, send a small mining machine, enjoy a 30% weighted dividend of mining transaction fees, and a 15% weighted dividend of exchange transaction fees.

Intermediate shareholders: directly recommend 3 junior shareholders, with a computing power of 500G, send 1 medium-sized mining machine, enjoy a 20% weighted dividend on mining fees, and a 10% weighted dividend on transaction fees on exchanges

Senior shareholders: directly recommend 3 intermediate shareholders, with a computing power of 2000G, send 1 large mining machine, enjoy a 10% weighted dividend on mining transaction fees, and a 5% weighted dividend on exchange transaction fees.

The direct push prize generation 6% reward, the lower level buys the mining machine and the higher level arrives in seconds.

Friendly reminder: Xiaobian is a professional development company, players do not disturb! ! ! !

Other professional software is welcome to consult! (Can be customized according to your needs)

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