How much do you know about the radiation hazard of ceramic bathrooms?

There are two main aspects of radioactive hazards: in vivo radiation and extracorporeal radiation. In vivo radiation mainly comes from the radioactive substance strontium and its daughters formed by the decay of radioactive radiation in the air. Earthworm is the only natural radioactive gas in nature. It acts on the human body and quickly decays into a nuclides that the body can absorb. It enters the human respiratory system and causes radiation damage, which induces lung cancer.

In addition, cockroaches also have a high affinity for human body fat, which affects the human nervous system, making people feel weak and drowsy; external radiation mainly refers to the natural stone decoration effect diagram) A biological effect that causes damage to the blood-forming organs, nervous system, reproductive system, and digestive system in the human body. First, β, γ rays will destroy the human lymphocytes, reducing human immunity.

Silicate can be used in many industries, it include different kinds of silicate, such as: Potassium Silicate, Potassium Sodium Silicate , Sodium Silicate and so on.  Potassium silicate & Potassium sodium silicate with glassy lump and liquid mainly are used for welding industry, also can be used for Agriculture, oil drilling field. Powdery Instant Potassium Silicate is white powdery substance, can fast dissolve in water, resistant to cold and good uniformity. It is a special foamed alkali convenient to be used, transported and stored. Molecular formula: K2O·nSiO2·H2O, n varies with the specification the uses. Powdery Instant Potassium Silicate has better solubility and higher adhension compared with powdery instant sodium silcate and is widely used as adhesive in fireproof material, as auxiliary in drilling liquid of oil field and other special fields. 


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