Maxwell's new 3V supercapacitors create a new pattern in the industry

The new 3V/3000F unit uses DuraBlue technology to provide more options for transportation, wind power and grid energy storage solutions

SHANGHAI, Feb. 23, 2016 -- Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXWL), the industry's leading developer and manufacturer of supercapacitor energy storage and transmission solutions, announced the addition of a 3V/3000F to its K2 series. A supercapacitor monomer member and a sample is available. The unit is available in an industry-standard 60mm cylindrical package and is 31% more powerful than Maxwell's leading 2.7V/3000F unit. Customers now have the flexibility to increase available power and energy in the same volume, while reducing the number of cells or modules while maintaining power and energy, significantly reducing system cost.

The new 3V unit design also uses Maxwell's DuraBlue's advanced patented anti-shock and anti-vibration technology to increase vibration and shock resistance by a factor of three and four times, respectively, compared to competing products based on supercapacitors. Even in harsh traffic environments such as rail transit and hybrid buses, the life of the product can be guaranteed. The transportation industry can improve the system by using 3V cells, including increasing system power, reducing engine weight and improving fuel efficiency. In terms of grid applications, because 3V cells have more power, they can more effectively stabilize fluctuations, improve power quality, and reduce operating costs, thereby increasing the return on investment in energy storage. The new 3V unit is available in an industry-standard 60mm cylindrical package with the same life rating as the 2.7V unit. As a result, customers who have adopted Maxwell's K2 Series 2.7V and 2.85 V units can seamlessly upgrade their systems.

“As demand for higher power densities continues to grow in many industries, including transportation, wind power and power grids, Maxwell has introduced 3V supercapacitors to further enrich its large portfolio of monomer products.” Frost & Sullivan's Energy and Power Systems Division Manager and development consultant Vishal Sapru said: "The new 3V large single unit can be used alone or in combination with batteries, helping to reduce the total cost and weight of the system and improve operational efficiency. This product will subvert the pattern of the supercapacitor industry. ."

Dr. Franz Fink, President and CEO of Maxwell Technologies, said: "Providing higher power in the same size, coupled with Maxwell's large-scale production capabilities, allows us to continue to provide our customers with first-class performance and value, especially in transportation. Transportation, wind power and grid applications. The advent of 3V supercapacitors further expands our product line, which gives our existing customers the flexibility to meet the demands of high voltage or low cost applications while reducing system weight and efficiency. System ROI."

Unlike batteries that generate and store energy through chemical reactions, supercapacitors use electric fields to store energy. This electrostatic energy storage mechanism of supercapacitor enables it to not only complete charging and discharging in less than one second, but also operate normally in a wide temperature range of -40°C to +65°C, and reliably operate for more than one million charge and discharge cycles. And it is resistant to vibration and shock. Maxwell offers supercapacitor cells with capacitances from 1 to 3000F and multi-cell modules from 16 to 160V. Supercapacitors provide higher power, either alone or in combination with a battery. Supercapacitors are now widely used in automotive, consumer electronics, transportation and other applications.

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