Loss of aircraft and sea search and rescue

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October 10, 2014, Malaysia Airlines MH370 interim report on the Australian Transport Safety Bureau released confirmation, flight MH370 may run out of fuel because of low speed crashed into the sea after the final circling above the Indian Ocean. After the news was confirmed, the seven countries jointly launched search and rescue operations, including China, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Malaysia dispatched naval air force to participate in search and rescue.

Loss of aircraft is completely different from urban disasters (earthquakes). (Urban disasters are larger than a certain number of levels. At first sight, they are ruins. How to accurately locate the victims is a difficult point.)

In the history of the missing plane substantially relatively reliable way to determine an approximate position (sensor, and the last contact location, route) and determines the waters may also generally rely on signals transmitted two narrow black box position again.

Sea search and rescue is divided into:

1 : Sea search and rescue with a clear location.

2 : Sea search and rescue without a clear location.

MH370 is a sea surface search without a clear location.

Sea surface search and rescue with no clear location is more competitive than urban search and rescue (such as earthquakes). The first is to confirm that "airplane lost contact" is after a set of ' rigorous ' verification, at least it takes more than 10 minutes.

After the accident is determined, the scope of the accident can only be roughly estimated, and the wind direction and the current flow will increase the difficulty of searching.

This time the MH370 was awkward and the black box and sensor signal failed. The most effective search method for this situation relies on Air Force search. Although the Air Force’s main search target is human, the wreckage is more likely to be discovered, which can determine the approximate area and inform the search and rescue fleet to gradually narrow down the search area.

At the same time, because the missing area is too large, it has not been effectively reduced. As time goes on, the difficulty of search will increase geometrically, and it will be necessary to reverse the wave and reverse the wind direction.

Air Force search method:

1 : Determine a region and use the O -type flight with the center point of the region to continuously expand the search area;

2 : Determine an area, determine a search starting point, search in L -mode.

(Diving accidents or ST salvage are also based on these two search methods, relying on compasses or markers.)

Although these countries in Asia have contingency plans for sea search and rescue, the sea search and rescue measures without a clear regional orientation rely on the search and rescue personnel to play on the spot. No country will conduct such large-scale accidents without clear regional positioning.

If the missing area can be determined within a certain range, search and rescue dogs at sea are another optimal solution, especially in the relatively dark currents. Including mention of sea rescue dogs, there are two types that I am familiar with. One is called Water Rescue Dog . It is mostly used for search and rescue of missing persons in coastal or urban areas. There is also a marine search and rescue dog that searches human odors at the bow and effectively covers a radius of up to 1 km. Even if there are only tiny human odors on the earrings, these countries in Asia are relatively lacking such search and rescue dogs and mature training. technology. There are also working dogs for underwater use. ST fishing dogs can actually help search.

In addition, there are special types of search and rescue helicopters at sea, but with this type of rapid emergency response, a transport aircraft such as the C130 will be deployed (the search and rescue machine sent by Singapore is the C130 for the first time , and another one is dispatched after 2 hours).

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Tile paving, parquet way is an important element of creative design. For example, the above-mentioned Hennessey series, at the ceramic exhibition in Bologna, Italy, pioneered the "diamond pattern", imitation of the diamond heart and arrow cutting, reproduction of a rather artistic effect of the extraordinary design, so that the beauty of ceramic tiles to be further sublimation .

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