How to install the integrated wallboard to teach you to install the integrated wallboard

With the continuous increase in economic income, many homeowners are increasingly pursuing quality of life. For example, integrating wallboards to create distinctive wall effects is a good testimony. So how to install integrated wallboard ? Next, let's study with Xiao Bian.

1. Prepare materials

No matter how the integrated wallboard is installed, complete and professional tools and materials are indispensable. In general, the main tools that need to be involved are nothing more than various types of rulers, special cutting machines (such as high-speed table-top products), grinding machines, and wood, air pumps, and a series of items. The quality of the tools used will directly affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the installation. Therefore, we remind everyone to try to purchase a professional appliance in a regular place.

2. Make accurate wall measurements

In fact, the reason why many owners do not know how to install integrated wallboard is better, a large part of the reason is because they do not understand how to calculate the exact amount of wallboard material according to the specific area of ​​the wall. Because the measurement of the wall, in addition to this part of the wall, usually also includes the top area, its measurement method should be, after the amount of the entire wall size is good, the production of the light belt, and finally only to ensure The distance between the ground and the top of the wall can be more than 2.75 meters. In this way, unnecessary material cost expenditures due to over-estimation can be well avoided. It is recommended that when purchasing materials, a wall of at least 2 pieces of material, involving a large amount of stitching area is best to prepare a little more about 0.5 square meters of material.

3, construction and installation

After completing the relevant measurement work, it came to the formal installation stage of how to install the integrated wallboard. The specific method of operation is to start from the top and design the wood structure for fixing the integrated wall surface by referring to the design standards. After the structure is determined, the wiring process will be performed and the layout of the hydropower will be completed.

4, processing details

If you ask how to install an experienced professional construction engineer's integrated wallboard, then he will certainly emphasize the careful operation of various details. For example, when performing right-angle bend processing, be sure to add the actual wall thickness to the process of estimating the bend line, or remind the owner that it is necessary to control the angle of the splice plate to 45 degrees and so on.

5, clean the wall and install the wall plate

After all the details have been processed, the steps to install the wallboard can be done. The only thing that needs to be done before the finish is to clean the wall and ensure that the wall is free from impurities such as oil or dust.

Xiaobian conclusion: As we all know, the installation of integrated wallboard is a very test of construction skills, so non-professionals installed, it is recommended that everyone in the decoration, may wish to refer to see this article describes how to install integrated wallboard operation process, to create Comfortable, perfect wall visual effects.

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