Hydropower installation price details What are the precautions for hydropower installation?

The most troublesome thing in home decoration is the installation of water and electricity. Hydropower installations affect all aspects of our lives and are absolutely not tolerable. Hydropower installation prices have always been of concern to us because prices are the basis and value is a concentrated expression of prices. In the end, what is the price of hydropower installation ? Let me give you a brief introduction for everyone.

Hydropower installation price details, weak installation materials and installation prices

Weak electricity includes two points:

1. Line: Telephone line, network cable, TV line, audio line, audio line, video line, background music and other wire.

2. Line pipe: PVC rigid flame-retardant electrical pipe diameter D16 line pipe 3 weak electricity (phone, television network cable) alone wear pipe, switch socket bottom box 86 type 10 yuan / month, 118 type 15 yuan / month. Add 16 information integrated boxes plus 160 yuan/set. After ensuring that there is no joint in the pipe and the trap pipe is buried, fill it with plaster or cement mortar.

Dark pipe price: 28 yuan / meter.

Ming tube price: 18 yuan/meter

Material: 1 PVC line pipe, thick cold bend pipe, wire.

Hydroelectric installation price details, strong installation materials and prices

Flame-retardant electrical pipe not more than 3 threads, if more than 3, plus 5 yuan / meter. The wires in the tube have no joints, and the junction box is used at the point of distribution. Switch socket bottom box 86 type 10 yuan / month, 118 type 15 yuan / month, 4 square wire plus 10 yuan / meter. Multiple pipes and slots are billed by multiple dark lines. After grooving the tube, fill it with plaster or cement mortar.

Dark pipe: 35 yuan/meter

Ming tube: 25 yuan/meter

Material: PVC wire thickened cold bends, wires.

Hydropower installation price details III. Waterway reconstruction

1,20PP-R water pipe (concealed): 60 yuan / meter; 20PP-R water pipe (surface mounted): 45 yuan / meter; launching installation (50PVC pipe): 60 yuan / meter; PS: PP-R pipe For Weixing or Kinder pipe, the water is a plastic pipe.

2. One meter for each diameter and different diameter pipe sleeve, one for 90 degree elbow, no valve hardware, 25 water pipes plus 10 yuan/meter, less than one meter for one meter; additional charges for hole drilling, bearing wall 40 yuan / month, non-load-bearing wall 20 yuan / month; PP-R pipes are thick skin 2.8 hot water pipe; the water pipe calculated according to 50 is greater than 50 to negotiate separately.

Hydroelectric installation price details IV. Circuit modification quote

1, strong electricity transformation

1) Dark line: 2.5mm2 20 yuan/m. single pipe; 4 mm2 25 yuan/m. single pipe; 6 mm2 35 yuan/m. single pipe.

2) Bright line: 2.5mm2 15yuan/m. single pipe; 4mm2 20yuan/m. single pipe; 6mm2 30yuan/m. single pipe; 10mm2 50yuan/m. single pipe.

The wires are all exempted from the national standard wire, such as: (Changjiang brand wire) installation cassette 86×86 6 yuan/piece; 146×86 8 yuan/piece; 146×86 (bright box) 5 yuan/piece; through wall eye: bearing wall 40 yuan/a; non-load-bearing wall 30 yuan/a.

2. Weak electricity transformation

Telephone line (Ming 15 yuan/meter, dark 20 yuan/meter) TV network audio line (Ming 15 yuan/meter dark 20 yuan/meter).

Lighting installation and panel installation, the ground slot 10 yuan / meter, spotlight or lamp light hole 10 yuan / month, without lamps. Ceiling lamp 15 yuan/piece; small chandelier 2 to 5 small lanterns 30 yuan/piece; chandelier six small lanterns above 35 yuan/piece; switch and socket installation additional charges: 30 or less charge 5 yuan; 30 or more 3 yuan /; Lamps 30 yuan / month.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Hydropower installation precautions

1. PVC is a material that is prohibited by the state as a water pipe. Never use it. Copper or PPR pipes are recommended.

2, dark trough, all the lines are hidden in the wall inside, these need to open the slot on the wall to put the casing casing, the more expensive.

3, the open line, put the thread inside the casing, hidden in the ceiling or under the floor tiles, the cost is relatively cheap

4, waterway design must first think of all the water-related equipment. For example: water purifiers, water heaters, kitchen treasures, toilets and wash basins, etc., their location, installation methods and whether they need hot water.

5, in addition to leaving the bathroom sinks, toilets, washing machines and other outlets, it is best to take one out, to facilitate the subsequent water, mop and so on.

6, washing machine floor drain is best not to use deep water seal leakage, because the water is too slow to meet the needs of washing machines.

7, strong and weak wires can not be in the same pipeline, there will be interference.

Editor's summary: The above is about the introduction of hydropower installation prices and precautions, hoping to help the owners are being renovated. For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content.

Hydropower installation price

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