Paint, simple and easy way to decorate home

Foreword: The biggest feature of the paint is that it is easy to change and the colors are various. In the summer, you can brush in your favorite colors and let the wall change completely. For users who like to seek new ideas and be realistic, you can DIY only belong to your own personality wall. Face, enjoy life, it's that simple.

Brand shop: Dulux

The overall effect is on the green wall. DIY square-shaped blue color blocks are used as if they are modern decorative paintings with green walls, and contrasts with white walls, sofas, circular chandeliers and furniture. The bags and furniture also belong to the same color system. Blue, green and white are the main colors. The overall color of the room is in harmony.

The method for processing color blocks on the wall is a very simple method for personalizing the wall surface of people who do not own a DIY wall surface. By applying the brush to the wall surface, different wall color blocks appear. Contrast in color, forming a certain decorative effect.

Brand shop: Bauhinia

For the background color on the wall in the need to paint the color block on the wall, brushing the background with a roller to ensure the contrast of color contrast.

Brand shop: Nippon Paint

Sketch the shape on the wall. Use pencil and ruler to sketch the shape of the square pattern you want.

Brand Shop: Ivy Paint

Stick the color separation tape on the wall According to the pencil line, stick the color tape on the wall to ensure that the square pattern of paint will not spill out to the outside.

Brand shop: Oulong paint

Brush different colors of paint in the scope of the separation of color tape, brushing different colors of paint, brushing, latex paint should not exceed the scope.

Brand Store: American Master Paint

Remove the color separation tape and remove the color separation tape.

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