Zhejiang furniture enterprises face four difficulties and two high innovation breakthrough is the key

The 17th Shanghai Furniture Fair Zhejiang Furniture Enterprise's exhibition hall "Robot" assisted by the China Furniture Association and Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., one of the world's three major furniture exhibitions - the 17th China International Furniture Fair ( Furniture China was successfully concluded in Shanghai on September 17. As one of the main players in the exhibition, Zhejiang Furniture Enterprises has more than 400 companies exhibiting each year. In the face of the complex market environment at home and abroad, how will Zhejiang's home enterprises overcome difficulties through innovation and create new domestic and foreign trade achievements? In the Shanghai exhibition, we found some answers to the dilemma: Zhejiang households faced four difficulties and two high-loss enterprises accounted for more than 20%. In the interview, Mr. Jiang Hongyuan, president of Zhejiang Furniture Association, mentioned that the problems faced by Zhejiang furniture enterprises are summarized. It is difficult to use land, difficult to use electricity, difficult to use money, difficult to work, high cost, and high taxes. "These problems are very difficult problems in front of our Zhejiang furniture enterprises. Guo Zong, who met Taisheng Furniture in Dongguan Exhibition last week, the first sentence is 'Which is going on, there is always a blackout, we are producing There is no way to do it. The same problem also happened in the busy businesses of Shengao and Gujia. They also complained. This is an inevitable situation, because the average development speed of our furniture is more than 20%, and the development speed has been 30 years. From an energy point of view, even if the average annual development rate is 15%, according to the development speed of 15%, it will double in five years. If this progresses, the electricity consumption must be doubled. More electricity and coal. Because the speed of our development is indeed too fast, we have to create a lot of contradictions. And our current corporate energy consumption is still at a relatively old-fashioned level, and energy consumption is several times that of foreign countries." Said. “In addition, with the land, labor costs and rising raw material prices, the current production costs of enterprises are much higher than in the past. So this year we have 535 companies with more than 20 million, of which 119 are loss-making enterprises, which is more than last year. 42%.” Zhejiang Lihao and Italian designers launched a new product, China Red, highlighting Chinese characteristics. Breakthrough: Innovation and upgrading, let Chinese originality go to the world. In this Shanghai Furniture Fair, the original theme is “Made in China to Original in China”. The design hall attracts the attention of many domestic and foreign exhibitors. More than 80 companies exhibit new styles of furniture. About 87.5% of the exhibitors are from domestic major furniture production bases. The products cover living room furniture, bedroom furniture, and study furniture. , restaurant furniture, outdoor furniture, hotel furniture, public furniture, custom furniture and other categories of furniture products. It includes the latest product design concept of the leading domestic furniture brands, and presents a refreshing Chinese boutique design furniture for domestic and foreign audiences. The original Chinese design products have begun to enter the world stage and are being received by more and more domestic and foreign audiences. attention. "Only innovation, independent research and development and design can win the respect of the world, in order to get out of the development path of China's own characteristic furniture enterprises." President Jiang said. From the Milan exhibition's rejection of Chinese companies to the present, China's creation has begun to receive attention, and Chinese furniture companies have begun a new brand-building road. “Lihao insisted on quality and insisted on original design from the beginning of development. In the course of more than three years of development, we have gained a lot of benefits and gained universal recognition inside and outside the industry.” This new product LEHO MODE debut Hall, I wish to be excited to say that “Leehao has never been a small brand and has developed into the executive chairman of the 2011 Furniture Professional Committee. Lihao sofa has become the industry leader from materials, design to craftsmanship. Persistence can not be separated." Breakout two: multi-channel development of e-commerce can start to consider Although in the past three major furniture exhibitions, industry insiders have predicted that the furniture industry winter has come, many companies are facing development difficulties. But the same is true for companies that have won opportunities in the crisis. The key to welcoming new development opportunities in the contrarian is that they have seized market segments and opened up new channels. "The cold winter will definitely pass, and because we Si Kexin realize that the winter is coming, we have made great adjustments in marketing. For example, from the foreign one, we have also increased our efforts to do our research and development, with some foreign countries. High-quality customers communicate closely, so when the foreign trade is generally difficult to do, our share of foreign trade has increased by 20%." In the general decline of foreign trade, Sikexin Furniture has seized the market, Sike Xinchen Always said. Not only foreign trade, e-commerce is a piece of fragrant. In the United States, traditional enterprises are the main force in the online retail market. Home e-commerce accounts for 19.8%. Zhang Ying, vice president of Analysys, believes that the scale of home e-commerce will reach in 2015. 205 billion, online shopping scale increased by 249%, online shopping rate will reach 17.5%. Home e-commerce will also become the "next gold mine" after apparel and 3C digital. In the on-site interview of the furniture exhibition, about 80% of the furniture companies have started the construction of e-commerce, but they are still in the “trial stage”. “In July, the China Internet Center made a statistical report, and the latest statistics network crowd increased to 1.7 billion.” Ding, the director of the mall, said on the road of home appliance e-commerce development, “170 million people can also influence the surrounding people. In addition, the 1.7 billion people are very active on the Internet. This can also represent the main force of consumption in the next 5-10 years. So who will give priority to the good development path in this attempt, who will win the next one? Big cake."

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