Refinery waste produces clean gas

Light hydrocarbon gas is a kind of safe, non-toxic and clean gas that uses raw materials such as oil fields and refineries and petroleum associated gas as raw materials. Due to the high cost of its collection and storage, complicated and active components, and complicated gas production processes, it has severely constrained the comprehensive utilization of petroleum associated gas.

Recently, the scientific and technological achievements of the “light hydrocarbon gas integrated equipment” project independently researched and developed by Wuhan Song'an Energy Saving Gas Engineering Co., Ltd. passed the appraisal in Beijing. Experts believe that the technology is the leading domestic level. Without any additives, the use of a self-developed three-chamber, multi-dimension, multi-channel gasification "light hydrocarbon gas integration equipment" and technology, to meet the needs of different users of gas supply, equipment costs significantly reduced. The gas produced by this technology complies with the requirements of the National Standard for "Mixing Light Hydrocarbon Gases" (CJ/T341-2010) issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

Liu Song'an, chairman of Wuhan Song'an Energy-saving Gas-fired Gas Engineering Co., Ltd., said that light hydrocarbon gas produced by Wuhan Song'an is equivalent to natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas in terms of use, etc. The "light hydrocarbon gas integration" technology and equipment independently researched and developed by the company have obtained a number of patents, and it occupies a small area, is simple to operate, and is safe and reliable. Over the years, Wuhan Songan has implemented and safely operated light hydrocarbon gas technology and gas demonstration projects in Hubei, Guangdong, Hunan, Henan, Hebei, Sichuan, Guizhou, Shandong, Gansu and Inner Mongolia.

According to statistics, oil associated gas emissions from the refining sector generally account for 5% of the processing volume, and more emissions from the oil and natural gas fields. China's petrochemical system processes approximately 330 million tons of crude oil annually, with only 5% of the refining chain, the stable annual production of light hydrocarbons is approximately 16.5 million tons, and approximately 37.95 billion cubic meters of light-hydrocarbon gas can be produced, which can meet the energy needs of 189 million households. Reduced emissions of volatile organic pollutants, etc., and improved local air quality. (Reporter Li Wei)

 Our key products are litharge using in assaying of precious metal, and lead nitrate using in gold mining. Lead nitrate is used as medical astringent; tanning material for leather-making; dyeing mordant; photograph promoting agent; flotation for ore; chemical reagents; and also used for making fireworks, match, and other lead salts. In the mean time, we are sourcing the other chemical reagents for our mining customers in Australia, Canada, Africa etc.

1. Product name:lead nitrate

2. Character: white crystal powder, relative density 4.53(20), easily soluble in water, liquid ammonia, light dissolve in ethyl alcohol, not dissolve in concentrated nitrate acid, solubility 56.5g/100g water (20). Dry lead nitrate decompose at 205-223. Damp lead nitrate decompose at 100, first become Pb(NO3)2 . PbO, go on heating, then become PbO. It is strong oxidant, putting together with organics will lead it burning, noxious.
3. Application: Used as flotation reagent for gold ore and other ore.

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