Bathroom Tile Paving Method Tile Laying Considerations

In the home renovation, the decoration of the wall is also very important. Most consumers prefer to use ceramic tiles for the wall surface, not only to make the interior space beautiful, but also to facilitate the cleaning. The brick wall is also the most convenient decoration method, especially for the bathroom. And the Kitchen, then what are the methods of bathroom wall tiles ? What are the precautions for bathroom tile flooring?

Toilet wall tile laying method :

1. Wash all kinds of dirt on the wall surface of the bathroom before construction, use a trowel to approve the wall first, and then use the cement to level the surface to prevent emptying of the drum after the tile is plastered.

2, the bathroom will prevent exhaust fans, ceiling installation, etc., so pay special attention to height, followed by the size of wall tiles and floor tiles should correspond to each other, can not have much difference, and finally according to the height, size and overall effect to determine the paving Method, if uniform wall tiles are different, large-size tiles are stuck from bottom to top and small size is from top to bottom.

3. Ingredients Add the fresh water to the powdery binder in an amount, according to a certain proportion of the specification. Stir and reconcile the binder slurry until it is evenly lubricated. There is no obvious lump or paste-like knot. After the stirring, the slurry is allowed to stand for 5 to 10 minutes, and then a little stirring for 1-2 minutes.

4. Squeeze the freshly mixed binder slurry evenly to the wall so that the slurry is in full contact with the back of the tile. Leaving the seam size adjustment According to the size of the tile, reserve the corresponding size gap between the brick and the brick to be caulked. Can be fixed with a toothpick, etc. Use a professional gauge to check the flatness of the post-stick tiles. After the shop is finished, it can be protected with a film.

Tile tile note:

1. Many people know that tiles need to be soaked before paving. Generally, tiles that need to be laid are soaked in water for about half an hour. This way, tiles can absorb water easily and can be easily cemented with cement. Hold back.

2, before the tile paving must check the wall to see if there are any cracks need to be repaired, if there is no clear putty powder directly tiling, will produce the later tiles off.

3, tile tiles must be selected when the correct cement labeling and blending cement sand mixing ratio, the higher the proportion of cement, tile bonding force stronger, but a high proportion of cement mixing, will lead to an increase in the expansion coefficient of cement mortar, easy to cause Tiles cracked after being tiled.

Xiao Bian concludes: The above is the relevant content for the bathroom wall tile paving method and tile paving that Xiaobian brings to everyone. When the next stage tile cleaning and maintenance is also very important, due to the time, the temporary The introduction, if you need to know more about the toilet wall tile paving method knowledge, please pay attention to this site information.

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