Tweezers pictures and classification of tweezers

Tweezers are a tool for picking hair, bulk medicine, metal particles, fine thorns and other small things. It can also be used to repair mobile phones, use it to hold wires, components and integrated circuit pins. Different tweezers are required for different occasions. The most commonly used are straight, flat and elbow tweezers. The tweezers used in chemistry should not be allowed to heat up or remove acidic chemicals. Be sure to keep them clean after use. Next, let's get a more intuitive understanding through some tweezers pictures!



   Tweezers pictures




   Tweezers classification


1. Anti-static plastic tweezers

Anti-static plastic tweezers are made of carbon fiber mixed with special plastics. It has good elasticity, durability, no dust, acid and alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance. It can avoid traditional anti-static tweezers from contaminating products due to carbon black. It is suitable for semiconductors, ICs, etc. Production and use of precision electronic components, and its special use. Anti-static tweezers are made of special conductive plastic materials, have good elasticity, use light and discharge static electricity, suitable for the processing and installation of components sensitive to static electricity. Surface resistance: 1000KΩ-100000MΩ. Anti-static tweezers are suitable for the production of precision electronic components, semiconductors and computer heads.

2. Optical tweezers

Optical tweezers are tweezers formed with light, which are based on the principle of light pressure. The optical radiation pressure originated from the Kepler and Newton era. At that time, the theory believed that light was a particle. According to Newtonian mechanics, a moving particle beam would generate pressure . In astronomy, the tail of a comet always faces away from the sun. A typical example of radiation pressure. However, the existence of light pressure and Maxwell's theoretical prediction of radiation pressure were only experimentally proven in the laboratory in the early 20th century .

3. Bamboo tweezers

Bamboo is a tweezers made of bamboo with various heterosexual materials. It has the advantages of insulation, good elasticity and low cost. But the fatal flaw is that it will crack along the direction of the fiber if it is subjected to a large force or if it is used for a long time. The biggest feature of bamboo tweezers is that it does not scratch the product like stainless steel tweezers, and it is more resistant to organic solvents than plastic or fiber tweezers. In addition, bamboo tweezers also have anti-static effect, because bamboo is not easy to carry static electricity, so it is non-magnetic, excellent insulation, and will not damage the gripping objects.

4. Wafer tweezers

Wafer tweezers are specially designed with very precise silicon wafers, which have a very good firming effect, and have the protection of pressure and chipping. The surface of the wafer tweezers is very smooth, and different products are designed according to the size suitable for different occasions.

The wafer tweezers have a structure that enables the wide-mouth tweezers to hold the wafer more safely and reliably, so as to prevent the tweezers from pinching the surface layer of the wafer during the wafer clamping process. The wafer tweezers include a tweezers body and a wide flat tweezers head connected to the tweezers body. The tweezers head includes a clamping surface. The clamping surface of the tweezers head has a layer of elastic rubber body; . Without the clamping force of the human hand, the control force of the tweezers on the wafer can be increased. The suction cup on the tweezers can increase the adhesion of the wafer to the tweezers, so that when the tweezers hold the wafer more safely and reliably, it can prevent the damage of the wafer surface layer to a greater extent.

The above is the tweezers pictures and tweezers related content displayed for everyone. Tweezers have a very important role in many industries. In fact, in addition to the above types of tweezers, there are purification tweezers, medical tweezers, etc. From the classification of tweezers, we can see how widely the tweezers are used!

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