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Skillful hand or iron hand;

Canaan Fine Arts teaches you to distinguish solid wood carving methods!

The achievements of China's Ming and Qing furniture have been widely recognized in the world, no matter in terms of material selection, structure, production process and appearance, they are very elegant and extremely valuable.

From a decorative point of view, hand-carved carvings are undoubtedly a highlight and feature of Ming and Qing furniture. Those exquisite and lifelike carvings have also become a symbol of mahogany furniture .


However, in recent years, with the improvement of manufacturing technology, more and more machine-carved mahogany furniture has frequently appeared in major exhibition halls and stores. Machine engraving has this huge efficiency and cost advantage, it is an advanced technology worthy of admiration, and it is also constantly developing in a more perfect direction.

However, if the "machine carving" is deliberately described as "hand carving", which is at a high price, it is unreasonable.

"Machine engraving" is a computer-controlled engraving, because it can obtain more diversified styles, it has its own market demand, and it is even more popular.

But the charm of hand-carving is still fascinating. How to distinguish between machine-carving and hand-carving, seeing whether it is from "smart hand" or "iron hand"?


First of all, we cannot deny the value of machine carving, but as far as the current situation is concerned, in terms of artistry and collection, machine carving works cannot be compared with hand carving works.

Because the machine carving is the assembly line operation of large-scale equipment, it is mass production, and the hand carving depends on the master's "one knife, one chisel".


At first glance, there is nothing special about the hand-carved works, but under the neat carving, every detail is slightly different. One of the more obvious points is that the place dug down with a knife is at an oblique angle to the plane part, narrow above and wide below , like a mountain.

Seeing with eyes: one vivid, one dull

To put it simply, machine carving gives a rigid and rigid feeling, while hand carving will appear vivid and dexterous. Why is there such a difference?

The working method of machine engraving is to draw the original work with drawing software, and then the automatic engraving machine outputs the engraving action according to the data instructions.

Therefore, the machine carving appears neat and unified in details. For the same decoration, the size is often the same, and there is no difference in visual effect.

On the contrary, hand carving is more creative and more elaborate. The reason is that there are many methods of hand-carving, such as Yin Engraving, Yang Ren, Half Yin and Half Yang, etc., and the angle and strength of the knife can be changed at any time, and the thickness of the line is controlled.

As a result, the hand-carved furniture presents a picture full of tension and lifelikeness. Whether it is carving landscapes, figures or flowers and birds, they are vivid and full of vitality.

In addition, machine carving is better at carving on a flat surface, while for more vivid relief and openwork, machine carving can only be carried out within a certain accuracy range. Therefore, it will appear relatively simple, dull, and lack of change.


The mechanical carving is horizontal and vertical, and the lines are clear, and the continuous grooves are exactly the same as each one, which can be said to be exactly the same.

With more and more advanced mechanical engraving equipment, increasing efficiency and accuracy, and now a lot of mahogany furniture in the hall, you can see all kinds of machine carving works, it seems that high-profile challenge to the traditional process.


Touch by hand: show VS bump

The computerized and mechanized machine-carving process has a limited depth, and it feels more flat when touched by hand, and lacks the exquisite embossed feel. The effect of the machine carving is horizontal and vertical, the depth is consistent, and it looks unconventional. The vertical walls are straight up and down, with smooth and shallow lines.

The hand-relief technique is more flexible. It can be shaped with shape, the lines are undulating and stretched, and the depth of the marks is different. The touch is deep and uneven. The overall picture is full of three-dimensional sense, especially for objects with irregular carving shapes such as tree trunks, When rooting, the advantage is more obvious.


If it is the same "Dapeng wings spread" pattern, the machine carving can only reflect a slightly dull plane pattern and a vague facial expression, while the hand carving can show the power of the bird in the picture. Sense, with a feeling of coming out.

In addition, some three-dimensional engraving graphics that are out of plane can only be achieved by hand engraving. It is only limited to the mechanical engraving technology of making "patterns" by computers, but it cannot always be simulated.


It is undeniable that machine carving will become a tide in the mahogany furniture market, and it will also prompt the industry to survive the fittest.

With the deepening of people's understanding of mahogany furniture and the improvement of furniture quality, the pure hand-carving technology of mahogany furniture will become a shining business card representing the taste of mahogany furniture, demonstrating its unique artistic value.


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