What are the techniques for wall decoration?

The position of the family in the hearts of each of us. It is very important, so we are constantly fighting to get our own home, let us have our own home earlier, we can buy a house earlier, then after we buy a house, the biggest thing is our decoration. Things, the following everyone and the decoration of the small series to understand, what are the wall decoration materials? This is a good reference when we choose the material.


First, what materials are used for wall decoration?

1, the more environmentally friendly material latex paint, latex interior wall coating is a medium-to-high-grade coating, although the price is more expensive. Wall decoration is also a good material. However, due to its excellent performance and decorative effects, the market share is increasing. A good latex coating layer has good water, alkali and scrub resistance. The coating will never peel off after being wet. In general (under the same pigment, volume, concentration conditions), ethylene-propylene latex paint is better than polyvinyl acetate latex paint (commonly known as latex paint).

2, there is water-soluble paint. This type of coating is a low-grade product. It is easy to apply when polyvinyl alcohol is dissolved in water. Further, other additives such as pigments are added thereto. Wall decoration This kind of coating has many defects such as water resistance and alkali resistance. The coating is easy to peel off after being damp. Therefore, it is a low-grade interior wall decorative coating product, mainly used for interior wall decoration and decoration. Mostly used for middle and low-grade living rooms or temporary living room interior wall decoration.

3, very environmentally friendly materials and colorful coatings. Colorful paints are popular coatings in the market and are worthy of everyone's choice. The film-forming material of the coating is nitrocellulose, which is dispersed in the aqueous phase in the form of an oil-in-water, and can be formed into a plurality of color patterns by one spray.

Second, what are the techniques for wall decoration?


1. Everyone should pay attention to the layout. The layout of the facade allows the consumer to have a very comfortable experience in the senses and is also a good quality. At the same time, a good layout can also bring the distance between the customer and the product closer. Therefore, for the layout of the exhibition area, everyone should first consider comfort, and the layout of the door should be based on simplicity. In addition, the decoration of the storefront can not be too much, otherwise the effect will be unsatisfactory.

2. Also consider the style coordination. The decoration of the facade room should be kept in line with the overall architectural style. It is also very important. For example, the facade, design size and layout of the cabinet should be determined according to the width of the storefront and the location environment, so that it can easily attract the attention of consumers.

3. The main thing is color selection. In the color selection of the facade, there is also a very university question. It is also very important. For example, bright colors can stimulate the minds of consumers and make them excited, thus increasing the desire of consumers to buy. In addition, the decoration of the facade should pay special attention to the harmony of color in order to achieve a higher visual appeal.

When we decorate our walls, everyone also has to pay attention to our choice of materials, as well as our better home, everyone's attention to our renovation, you can better live in the family. The above content can be a good reference for everyone. If you still want to continue with more renovation information, please continue to pay attention to our decoration home website.

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