Dishwasher use precautions

1. The installation of the dishwasher should be close to the platform of the faucet and the sewer, connect the inlet pipe and the drain pipe, and keep away from the heat source such as the stove. After setting, adjust the relative height of the foot screws to make the whole machine meet the requirements of the level.

2. When placing the tableware, first clean the bones and vegetable residue on the surface of the dish to be washed before putting it into the bowl. Emissions should be correct and should not be placed or overlapped to avoid affecting cleanliness.

3. Use the dishwasher, do not use hot water above 70 °C to avoid deformation or damage of plastic and rubber parts.

4. Do not block the exhaust port during the operation of the dishwasher, and do not force or impact the dishwasher to avoid malfunction.

5. After the washing is completed, it is necessary to clean the dirt accumulated in the filter in time, and put it back in place after being clean.

6, the dishwasher must be kept clean to prevent odor. When cleaning, its control switch, etc. should not be wetted by water to ensure insulation performance to avoid leakage.

7. Before use for a long time, clean the dirt inside the machine, dry it and store it in a dry and ventilated place.

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