Is there any skill in the small-sized bathroom decoration waterproof and moisture-proof?

The bathroom is decorated with waterproof and moisture proof main package 2 aspects:

First, try to choose waterproof and moisture-proof panels when decorating; the floor of the bathroom is best to choose tiles, bricks, moisture-proof effect is better, it is easier to clean. Tiles are also commonly used on walls. If you need to use special materials such as waterproof wallpaper, you must consider the ventilation conditions of the bathroom. When placing bathroom furniture, pay attention to the distinction between wet and dry. Try to place the furniture away from the bathroom cabinet. The ventilation condition is good. If the ventilation conditions of the bathroom are poor, the designer can design a water-proof "screen" and plan to dry. Wet area.

Second, do a good job of daily moisture treatment; the bathroom hardware, water vapor, water drops on the faucet also need to be cleaned regularly, especially after the shower, the water drops on the hardware is very much, should be cleaned with a dry cloth in time.

If you want to know more about the decoration, you may wish to go to the China decoration portal to see if there is more you want.

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