Price monitoring system - multi standards to measure price levels

How to control prices and make them trade within a reasonable range is one of the important tasks that government procurement departments have been exploring all the time. Recently, a set of standardized price monitoring system in Tianjin solved this problem well.

Multiple criteria to measure price levels

In the electronic monitoring room of the Tianjin Municipal Government Procurement Center, the reporter saw one of the screens showing the newly developed government procurement price market evaluation system of the center. The staff member told the reporter: “After more than ten years of hard work, Tianjin City has achieved considerable success in controlling prices. However, after the new system is put on line, the intensity and effectiveness of price control will be further amplified.”

It is understood that this newly-developed government procurement price market evaluation system includes functions such as transaction evaluation, supplier evaluation, purchaser evaluation, market matching assessment, early warning statistics, and comprehensive inquiry. "The transaction evaluation function is the most complete," the staff said. Under the guidance of the staff, the reporter tried to use the system to query the historical transaction prices. The system compares the transaction price of each item with the three price metrics. If the price is confirmed to be high, the system will alert the target. The person in charge of the bidding department of the center told the reporter: “The three price measurement standards are the historical transaction price of this type of product in Tianjin, the winning bid and transaction price in the other three provinces and cities, and the ex-factory price maintained by the manufacturer.” It is reported that this year the center has just completed the transformation of the evaluation room, this system was newly developed during this period, is still being further improved.

Precaution on price alert should be investigated

"At present, we mainly include the agreement supply project into this set of price monitoring systems. From the time when the system went online, there have been 91 early warnings for computer projects." The head of the comprehensive department of the center said, " These early warnings illustrate the application value of this system from the side.Of course, there are many reasons leading to early warning, some of which are not really high prices, but for each early warning project, the center will investigate and analyze the reasons at the first time. ."

It is understood that there are many reasons that cause the price monitoring system to issue an early warning. If it is a multi-product mix that results in price warnings, the staff will carefully understand the price of each individual item. If individual items are within the normal range, then this warning does not require special treatment. However, if it is due to high factory prices caused by excessive warning, then the center will consider interviewing manufacturers. "However, no matter what the reason, as long as there is an early warning, we will not easily let it go. We must find the cause and properly solve it." The staff member said, "To achieve this, we need to have a premise that we must first ensure the comparability of products. Therefore, the products provided by the supplier must be sold in the general market or other provincial and municipal government procurement markets."

A person in charge of an IT supplier in Tianjin told reporters that a project they had undertaken had been alerted by this price monitoring system. After investigation, the ex-factory price of the manufacturer of its agency brand is too high. Finally, the center interviewed the manufacturer's manager. "They are dutifully guarding the country's money. Now it feels that controlling prices is no longer a problem for the procurement center," said the person in charge.

Non-minimum winning bid to review results

In the price control system of the Tianjin Municipal Government Procurement Center, matching the government procurement price market evaluation system, there is also a non-minimum bid winning review system during the bid evaluation process.

The person in charge of the center told the reporter that after the bid evaluation of the project is completed, the staff members shall check the results of the bid evaluation. If it is found that it is not the lowest bid supplier, the project will be reviewed. "Not the lowest bid, the reviewing experts have to explain the reasons." The official said, "This is not to encourage low-cost bids, but to eliminate possible violations."

It is understood that at present the center has done a very detailed job of monitoring prices. The staff of the Municipal Bureau of Finance’s Government Procurement Office told reporters that, for example, copy paper that is commonly used, the center will submit detailed price monitoring information to the purchasing office every month. “This includes data for each transaction, price difference compared with market price, etc. If the price is higher than the market price, the reason will also be indicated.” The staff member said, “In fact, the monthly data submitted by the center is far more than this. One."

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