Characteristics and structure of pressure cooker


Ordinary aluminum alloy pressure cooker is light in weight, fast in heat transfer, cheap in price, anti-corrosion on the surface of aluminum oxide layer (avoid damage), can be cooled quickly by cold water, and the service life is calculated by using 1 hour per day. Its service life is 8 years, no Suitable for induction cookers.

The stainless steel composite bottom aluminum alloy pressure cooker is suitable for the induction cooker as well as the stainless steel pressure cooker. At the same time, it has the advantages of the ordinary aluminum alloy pressure cooker. When the open flame is used, the fire is avoided, and the bottom is prevented from rapid cooling to prevent the deformation of the stainless steel composite bottom from falling off.

Stainless steel pressure cooker is expensive: heat-resistant, beautiful, not easy to react with acid, alkali and salt in food. The service life is about 10 years a day. It is suitable for induction cooker, easy to change color in gas stove and electric furnace, can't use cold water quickly. Cooling, not suitable for tormenting Chinese medicine.

The electric pressure cooker is convenient to use and expensive, the working pressure is low at 50KPa (150KPa), and the heat preservation function is provided, and the inner pot can be removed and replaced. It can be used for intelligent and waterless stewed fish stew. If it can not be automatically powered off, it will be heated and kept at intervals. The problem of line aging is not as long as the life of the pressure cooker. However, the electric pressure cooker casing can be insulated, and the energy efficiency is naturally higher than that of the conventional pressure cooker. Although the price of gas is not expensive, it is usually not enough for low-carbon cooking time of more than one hour.

To selectively purchase a pressure cooker, be sure to pick a pressure cooker with a grade, a manufacturer, a specification, and a quality.

Pressure cooker construction

It consists of a pot body, a lid, a fusible sheet, a venting hole, a safety valve and a sealing ring, and other new forms of venting channels.

The easy-dissolving sheet is installed to prevent the safety valve from malfunctioning and is used as a backup fuse. It is made of a low melting point aluminum alloy material. Once the safety valve fails, the pressure inside the pot is too large, and the temperature also rises. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the soluble sheet, the heating of the soluble sheet begins to melt, and the gas in the pot is ejected from the easy-dissolving sheet, so that the inside of the pot The pressure is reduced to prevent an explosion accident.

Material characteristic: Using high quality aluminum extruded shutter profiles, multi-layer painting or film layer surface have excellent scratch resistance function, not decay, wearable and anti-collision.Nice white profiles, accepting mass customization according to users requirements(light gray, brown, cream, wood, fused, sand color and light sand color ,etc.)

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When in state of close, support ventilation and lighting, this contribute to enhance the cooling and heating effect of air conditioner, ensure safety, comfortable, energy saving, noise isolation  and aesthetics.

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