Nitto Ventures Develops and Utilizes a Large Quantity of New Solar Energy Condensed by Reflectors

Nitto Ventures Develops and Utilizes a Large Number of Reflector Concentrating Solar Power Systems

Smart Solar International, a venture company established by the University of Tokyo, has developed a photovoltaic power generation system using a new type of concentrating technology. With this system, the setup cost can be reduced to about half of the current level. For example, the installation cost per MW can be reduced from about 300 million yen of the existing photovoltaic power generation system to 1.5 to 200 million yen. The company successfully applied for a patent for the solar power system in the United States in June 2013.

Photovoltaic power generation systems developed by Smart Solar International have set up a number of concentrating solar cell modules equipped with mirrors at a height of 5 to 10 meters above the ground, and a number of mirrors have been installed on the ground.

With the reflector on the ground collecting light to the photovoltaic cell module, the reflector on the photovoltaic cell module also concentrates the sunlight on the cell, thereby increasing the focusing magnification. The focusing ratio of the mirror on the module is 30 times, the focusing magnification of the mirror on the floor is 10 times, and the total focusing magnification is 300 times. Photovoltaic cell uses a three-junction compound multi-junction photovoltaic cell having a conversion efficiency of about 36% at a concentration of 500 times.

Both the reflector of the photovoltaic cell module and the mirror on the ground are equipped with a mechanism that can perform single-axis tracking along with the movement of the sun. It is planned to install photovoltaic cells and batteries on the ground mirrors, relying on their power to drive the motor and rotate the mirror. Therefore, no wiring work is required when setting up the floor reflector. In addition, Smart Solar International also plans to use aluminum film to manufacture floor reflectors at a low price. With these cost-saving measures and the use of high-efficiency battery cells to reduce the effect of setting the area, the installation cost can be reduced by half. (Reporter: He Jiji, "Nikkei Electronics")

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