Experts remind you how to stay away from locusts

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High fever should not be noticed after grassland activities

The incubation period of tsutsugamushi disease is usually 10-14 days, and more acute onset. The main clinical symptoms are fever. The red pimples and then the blisters were formed at the beginning of the tick bite, and a particularly dark brown eschar was formed later, with local or systemic lymphadenopathy. "If there is a past history of grassland activity, there will be persistent high fever and special black knots will appear on wet parts of the body. People should go to the hospital for treatment in a timely manner." Zhang Fuchun said that at present, infections, internal medicine, and skin in general hospitals. Both the emergency department and the emergency department can be treated.

Insects hide in human hideaways

Zhang Fuchun said that since most of the places where the mouth under the armpits are concealed in the wet areas such as the armpits, breasts, groin, perineum, perianal area, and hairline, many critically ill patients have neglected their own wounds, or they feel it is difficult to open their teeth. Explain to the doctor that it is difficult for the doctor to diagnose.

Keep personal protection away from grass

Experts said that prevention of tsutsugamushi disease can be done from the main host of the disease, and special grasshoppers can be sprayed to kill aphids. But the key is also to strengthen personal protection or away from the grass where locusts gather. If you enter the field, you should pay attention to personal protection. You should tighten the cuffs, trousers, shirts into the trousers, reduce the attachment or bite, and often beat clothing, shake off. Avoid sitting or resting in the bushes or shrubs. When skin is exposed to the grass, insect repellent drugs such as DEET should be sprayed in advance. Focus on scrubbing armpits, waist, perineum, and other skin soft parts and keep it dry, can reduce the chance of being attacked by aphids. Ordinary people are susceptible to tsutsugamushi disease

Zhang Fuchun said that the circovirus's vector is larvae and its range of activities is very small. It is generally distributed in damp grasses and shrubs. Although most of the patients with tsutsugamushi disease are mostly middle-aged and older women, in fact, locusts do not have sex discrimination and age discrimination when spreading diseases. Zhang Fuchun said that the disease is endemic in tropical and subtropical regions, and Guangdong Province is a high-risk area in China.

Yesterday, reporters from the Southern Metropolis discovered in Xiaogang Park, a relatively concentrated area of ​​locust infestation, that warning signs were erected to remind visitors to stay away from grassland.

High season:

Preventive measures: In the early morning and late afternoon after the rain in summer and autumn season, try not to play on the grass, sit and lie in Guangdong. From June to August every year, it is a high incidence of tsutsugamushi disease.

Frequent areas: There are hundreds of cases every year. There are reports in all districts, especially in Panyu, Conghua and Zengcheng.

Typical symptoms: The eschar is the most typical symptom of aphids, the bite of the inguinal groin, and the vulva often appear red itchy rashes, accompanied by fever symptoms

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