Product Form and Development of Multi-target Recognition and Tracking Technology

Multi-Target Recognition and Tracking Products There are not many products currently available on the market. There are two main types of guns: gun-ball machine integrated and stand-alone products (including NVS, DVR, smart box, etc.).

The gun ball machine integrated product refers to the integration of a wide-angle camera above the dome camera through a unique mold design. Through an internal connection, an integrated multi-target tracking system can be installed and used completely independently. Because the position of the bolt is fixed in the dome, it is easier to implement in the algorithm. The high-definition infrared camera has good accuracy in scene matching and target coordinates transmission.

Stand-alone products are the most common product forms on the market today. Usually this function is provided in NVS and DVR, or a dedicated video processing analyzer is designed to connect the bolts and domes through field wiring. Through the configuration of the platform software, the master-slave multi-target tracking function is realized. The advantage of stand-alone products is that they are flexible in application and can be compatible with various types of cameras from different manufacturers, including standard definition, high-definition, analog, and network-based bolts and domes. They are applicable not only to new monitoring systems but also to existing monitoring systems. The upgrading of the system has a high degree of flexibility in the design of the plan and the construction of the system, and may result in greater development in the future.

The development and improvement of multi-target recognition and tracking technology As a new emerging technology, multi-target recognition and tracking has been continuously improved and improved in accordance with the market's needs. We can try to analyze the main possible future development direction of this technology from the perspective of major security.

More intelligent target prioritization ability The prioritization ability of the target determines whether the current screen can always track the target with the highest degree of danger, avoiding the ball machine to follow the simple rotation sequence when multiple targets are avoided, thus effectively improving the product. The application value. One of the effective ways to improve this ability is to set up multiple rules for recognizing cordon lines and areas in the scene. Second, consider the introduction of analysis techniques for the characteristics of target behaviors, and use target features such as handbags, certain clothing colors, and rapid running. The basis for judging the priority.

More effective countermeasures against various interference factors in the environment The multi-target monitoring system will be applied to outdoor open areas such as airports, plazas and roads, and will often face local strong light, dark nights, strong winds, heavy rain, fog, and the ground. Poor monitoring environments, such as stagnant water, require intelligent algorithms to constantly make targeted adjustments and improvements to ensure effective tracking in a variety of real environments.

In addition, multi-target mutual occlusion, multi-objective movement state differences and changes are also the main factors affecting the tracking performance. Whether it can introduce binocular recognition technology to track multiple targets through multiple perspectives to overcome occlusion, this is also a possible solution.

The combination of a single bolt machine, a multi-ball machine, a ball machine and a ball machine is a combination of a single fixed camera and a single billiard machine, and is currently the standard application method.

In the large-scale monitoring system, for airports, plazas, etc., with many goals and monitoring areas, if you can achieve a combination of single-shot machine and multi-billiards machine, it will effectively improve multiple high security level goals in a complex environment. At the same time monitoring capabilities, which will greatly enhance the current product technology level.

In addition, the linkage tracking and relay tracking between the dome cameras of the network HD camera system is also a hot technology concerned in the industry. With the use of electronic maps, it is easy to seamlessly track scenes such as parks, and achieve target trajectory description and criminal behavior.

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