Lighting purchases have learning

During the "Double Eleven" period last year, a certain brand of Tmall branded a carnival offer of 50% off the audience. Ms. Chen bought the brand's lamps for the new home being renovated. After the luminaire was received, Ms. Chen confirmed the payment after the luminaire was not damaged. After the renovation was completed this year, the master asked the driver to install the lamps. Ms. Chen took out the lamps that had been bought for a long time. After the master saw it, she emphasized with Ms. Chen that she would not buy such lamps in the future. The quality of the wires and parts used in the lamps is not so good. As such, the work on the edge of the glass cover of the luminaire is also rough.

Lighting purchases have learned to take a detour to buy suitable lamps

As a “outsider”, when many consumers buy lamps on the Internet, they often feel the quality of the products because they have no way to check the physical quantities of the lamps. Because in the period of demand release such as "Double Eleven", most consumers will see the price is affordable, and will buy things a lot of time in advance. After the goods arrived, most of the time, because the things were not damaged, they rushed to confirm the payment. When I really want to use the goods, I find that the things I bought are often over the three-pack period. Buying a luminaire in this way often leads to a lot of problems, even if there is no complaint in the later period of defending rights.

Then, what are the learning of the purchase of lamps?

Regular product safety is guaranteed

When purchasing a luminaire, you should first check the luminaire identification, such as trademark, model, rated voltage, rated power, etc. Marking safety is a basic requirement in the safety performance of luminaires. The rated power is especially important. If the selected luminaire power exceeds the standard, it may cause problems such as deformation of the casing and damage of the insulation layer.

The national standard stipulates that the minimum cross-sectional area of ​​the wire used on the luminaire is not less than 0.5mm2, and the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire used is less than this standard, which may cause the wire to burn and the insulation layer to burn out, resulting in a short circuit, posing a danger.

Buy energy-saving light bulbs are green and bright

The energy-saving light bulb not only saves electricity, but also illuminates well, and does not dissipate heat. It is suitable for multi-head lamps. Energy-saving bulbs are mostly standard screws, and chandeliers are available in two sizes, one is standard and can use energy-saving bulbs; one is non-standard and cannot use energy-saving bulbs. Be careful when choosing: Spotlights are mostly non-energy-saving products.

Uniform with home improvement style

The lighting market is extremely diverse, the shape is ever-changing, and the performance varies widely. The beauty of the lamps is very important, and the beautifully colored and well-shaped lamps can bring pleasure to people. Since the lighting fixture is an organic component of the entire living room decoration, its style, material and illuminance should be consistent with the indoor function and decorative style, and the lighting fixture should be purchased according to this principle. The ultimate goal is to have a uniform distribution of various light-receiving objects around the luminaire, so that people's visual functions play a good role. Since the line of sight of the person is not fixed, it is often the case that if the brightness of the interior lighting fixture is too large, a short period of time may give a brilliant sense of brightness, which may cause visual fatigue for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically purchase lighting fixtures according to the functions of various parts of the living room.

Match by function area

Different styles and illuminations should be installed in rooms with different functions. Bright, rich lamps should be chosen in the living room. The bedroom should be decorated with lamps that make people lie in bed, and the children's room should be bright and varied. The bathroom should be made of simple waterproof lamps; the kitchen should choose lamps that are easy to wipe and clean.

The finishing touch of lamps, such as home decoration, must not be carefully selected and carefully selected. This will not only create a warm and bright living atmosphere, but also help the improvement of space quality.

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