[Two Sessions 29] Building a petroleum enterprise geographic information system to prevent hidden dangers

"Inadequate monitoring of hidden facilities such as underground pipelines and supervision of dead corners in the field facilities are hidden dangers that may lead to accidents in petroleum and petrochemical enterprises." Li Jiamin, deputy of the National People's Congress and general manager of PetroChina Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, suggested in an interview that it should be as soon as possible. Establish a national-level geographic information system for petroleum and petrochemical enterprises, implement real-time monitoring of the enterprise environment, prevent security breaches, and prevent accidents.

Li Jiamin believes that the current situation of safety and environmental protection and management of the entire industry is not satisfactory. The concentrated performance is: mixed production areas in the production area, unclear industrial and civil boundaries, ineffective monitoring of hidden facilities such as underground pipelines, and supervision of a large number of wild facilities. "These potential hidden dangers lead to endless safety incidents."

Li Jiamin suggested that relying on modern geographic information, surveying and mapping and network technology, all kinds of information and hidden dangers and risks of various production equipment and facilities within the petrochemical enterprises, land, population, houses, roads and municipal pipelines in the surrounding residential areas. The site conducts census and surveying of the net, completes the internal and external facilities of the petroleum and petrochemical enterprises, environmental census and data collection, and establishes a geographic information database for the internal and surrounding environment of the petroleum and petrochemical enterprises through video surveillance and sensing equipment, so as to digitize the internal and surrounding environment of the enterprise.

"With the help of GIS, real-time monitoring, visualization methods and spatial analysis technologies can achieve effective early warning of oil and petrochemical enterprises on hidden dangers within and outside the region, and timely intervene in violations of illegal construction and illegal encroachment in relevant areas. Provide reliable data to assist decision-making in accident emergency rescue," Li said.

On this basis, gradually improve the corresponding enterprise-related linkage management and protection mechanism, from enterprises to the government, from the local to the national, gradually realize the network connection, build the national petroleum and petrochemical enterprise geographic information system, truly achieve the source prevention and emergency treatment of security accidents. Simple and reliable.

( Wang Yu, Wang Bo )

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