Select steel doors and windows to inspect "Yan" view "color"

Plastic steel is one of the most common profiles on the market. It is chosen for ordinary households to close balconies and install external windows. The reporter learned that there are many big brands of doors and windows in the home stores such as Red Star Macalline, Actual Home, Fussen·Mei Home, etc. The quality is high and the service is good, but the price is far higher than the street shop, and it is difficult for ordinary decoration owners to accept. Most owners choose street shops for the pursuit of cost-effectiveness, but the quality of plastic steel doors and windows in these stores is difficult to guarantee, shoddy and rough installation, resulting in quality problems in the later stages of use.

Then, how do consumers identify the advantages and disadvantages of plastic steel doors and windows? Peng masters who have been engaged in the building materials industry for more than 10 years, use the "Yan" view "color" to teach you to identify the quality of plastic steel doors and windows.

Good profile thick color white pan blue

The first thing to look at is the plastic steel material, which is the UPVC profile. A good UPVC profile should be multi-cavity, with reasonable design, thick walls and poor quality plastic steel walls. The second is to look at the color. The anti-aging agent and anti-UV additive are added to the formula of the high-quality UP-VC profile, and the appearance color should be white and blue, and the touch is smooth. Such UPVC profiles can remain unaged, discolored, and deformed in an outdoor environment. The appearance color of inferior plastic steel doors and windows is too white or gray, indicating that the stable components in the material are not enough, and it is easy to age and turn yellow.

Good glass and sealed bead without gap

In addition to looking at the profiles, look at the glass used. The glass used for plastic steel doors and windows should be flat, without water, and installed firmly. It is not in direct contact with the plastic profiles, and there is a sealing bead to close the gap. In the case of double glass interlayers, there should be no dust or moisture in the interlayer. The lower part of the sliding window frame should have an aluminum sliding rail to facilitate its replacement. In general, the double pulley is superior to the single pulley. After making it, be sure to check it carefully before installation. After the finished plastic steel window, the entire surface should be smooth and flat, without open welding and fracture, and special steel lining should be embedded in the door and window frame and fan profile.

High quality hardware accessories should be made of metal

Consumers can also identify the quality of steel doors and windows from hardware and other accessories. The hardware fittings of high-quality plastic steel doors and windows are made of metal, high strength, flexible and smooth. Some inferior plastic steel doors and windows use plastic hardware, which will have adverse effects on the quality and service life of doors and windows. Also look at the auxiliary materials, such as the sealing strip should be flat, no curling, no grooving, and the strip is odorless. In addition, auxiliary materials such as beading and sealing of plastic steel doors and windows should be matched with the main profile.

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Label: Select steel doors and windows to inspect "Yan" view "Color"

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