Aeromobil flight car crashed in 2017

Flying cars may be a dream that began in the industrial age, but due to technical limitations, it has not yet come true. When it comes to the prototype closest to reality, it is the same name product developed by Aeromobil. Unfortunately, this flying car has recently crashed in the test, casting a shadow over its 2017 listing.

According to foreign media reports, a flying car crashed at Nitra Janíkovce Airport in the Slovak Republic on Friday. Witnesses claimed that they saw a car with wings falling to the ground when the parachute had not been fully opened, so that the driver was safe and sound, but the car was badly damaged.

Subsequently, a Aeromobil spokesperson confirmed the news and claimed that the significance of the accident was positive, the company will analyze the data in detail and make improvements and continuous research and development. This Aeromobil 3.0 prototype will be fixed for further testing in the future.

The Slovak company Aeromobil has been developing flying cars since 1990. Aeromobil 3.0 was unveiled in 2014 as the company's third generation and is scheduled to be officially launched in 2017. The flying car has foldable wings that can be used to park in regular parking spaces, use regular gasoline fuel, and fly to a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour, designed to solve the prevailing congestion in super cities.

However, the crash has undoubtedly cast a shadow over the Aeromobil car, and the critics and media are not optimistic about its plan to go public in 2017. In fact, in addition to the most important security, the definition of the commercialization of flying vehicles is currently unknown. All in all, it seems that there are still some distant scenes like the airborne cars flying in an orderly manner in the Fifth Element.

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