The National Major Research Equipment Project “Development of Large-scale Low-temperature Refrigeration Equipment” Passed Acceptance

Supported by the Ministry of Finance and supported by the Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the “Large-scale Low-temperature Refrigeration Equipment Development” project of the national major scientific research equipment was approved at the Langfang Base of the Institute of Physics and Chemistry on April 29th. Zhang Yaping, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the acceptance meeting. The meeting was held by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The condition assurance and finance bureau director Wu Jianguo chaired.

The large-scale cryogenic technology in the liquid hydrogen temperature zone is a major sensitive technology that has long affected China's aerospace industry and the development of cutting-edge science, especially the 10,000-Watt cryogenic refrigeration technology required for aerospace engineering. The developed countries have been restricting output to China. In order to break the long-term restrained passive situation and to seize the initiative in high-tech development in related fields, the State Ministry of Finance has deployed this major equipment development task in time in 2011. The project has independently developed a large-scale low-temperature refrigeration equipment with a technical index of 10kW/20K and adiabatic turboexpander adiabatic efficiency of ≥70%, which has broken through the high-speed helium gas bearing turboexpander stability technology and ultra-low leak rate plate fins. Low-temperature heat exchanger design and manufacturing technology, high-precision oil separation technology, pneumatic cryogenic control valve manufacturing technology and system integration control technology five key technologies. The successful implementation of the project indicates that the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of cryogenic refrigeration equipment in the liquid hydrogen temperature zone in China have reached a new level, not only meeting the urgent needs of strategic high-tech development in the future of major scientific projects, aerospace projects, but also promoting related fields. Advanced technology development.

The acceptance expert committee inspected the operation status of large-scale cryogenic refrigeration equipment on site and listened to the project development work report, user use report, technical test report, financial acceptance report, and file acceptance report. It reviewed the relevant documents and agreed that the project passed acceptance. Experts agreed that the completion of the project has broken the monopoly of large-scale low-temperature refrigeration technology in the liquid hydrogen temperature zone in developed countries, and hammered out a large-scale cryogenic technology and engineering team integrating research and development, integrated manufacturing, and engineering applications. The company has built a large-scale equipment research and development and production base, laying the foundation for further independent development of large-scale low-temperature refrigeration technology in our country's colder regions and achieving localization of the system.

In summary, Zhang Yaping pointed out that the Chinese Academy of Sciences attaches great importance to the independent innovation of scientific research equipment. With the support of the Ministry of Finance, it has carried out a series of research and development of scientific equipment and achieved remarkable results. During the implementation process of large-scale cryogenic refrigeration equipment development projects, innovative project organization models and management mechanisms were explored, and a wealth of management experience was accumulated. The successful completion of the first phase of the project and the start of the second phase of the project are a new starting point. We hope that the project team will work hard to tackle the problem and continue to strive for the support of domain experts and users in order to meet the strategic needs of the development of high-tech fields in China in the coming decades. Comprehensively support the leap-forward development of China's major scientific projects, aerospace engineering and other fields.

With the support of the Ministry of Finance, physics and chemistry institute has started the second phase of large-scale low-temperature refrigeration equipment development work, will carry out the development of large-scale cryogenic equipment (liquid helium/superfluid helium) cryogenic equipment, promote the continuous development of large-scale cryogenic refrigeration technology, and further meet our country Higher and broader needs in strategic high-tech fields.

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