Composting method

1. Prepare 250 kg of dry straw and add 400~500 kg of water to make the straw eat enough water, the water content reaches 60~70%, and the straw can be dripped by hand. Straw can also be spread out before the rain, the thickness is 0.3~0.4 meters, and the natural rainwater can be piled up after harvesting, which can reduce water consumption and labor.

2, use 25 grams of water to add 300 grams of preservative to dissolve, spray the liquid evenly on the wet straw with a sprayer, the remaining liquid residue should not be thrown away, poured on the heap.

3. Draw a trapezoidal fertilizer pile with a width of 1.5 meters and a height of about 1 meter. Use a slap to gently slap it, indicating that it is fermented with mud seal. The upper part of the pile is concave to accept natural rain or water loss in the pile. Artificial irrigation. Generally, in the summer, the broad bean stalks are mainly used for high-quality composting in about two weeks.
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