What are the advantages of using a non-porous smart door lock?

The non-porous intelligent door lock is a new type of anti-theft intelligent door lock, and the appearance of the non-porous intelligent door lock is obviously different from other smart door locks. The non-porous smart door lock has been around for a while, and its unique advantages have made it widely recognized. Is the non-porous smart door lock widely used because of its advantages?

Non-porous smart door lock

Advantages of non-porous smart door locks:

1. Non-porous design: The surface of the non-porous intelligent door lock product adopts no mechanical keyhole design, which effectively prevents the technology from unlocking, and does not need to use a mechanical key to open the door, intelligent one-button operation, and equipped with corresponding anti-theft alarm device;

2, use adaptation: low-power motor components, energy saving; circuit board low power consumption, less power; precision construction, rapid induction; new positioning technology to prevent violent opening; luxury panel, beautiful and durable.

3, easy to install: battery box, modular circuit board and other unique and sophisticated design, the current smart door lock is usually powered by ordinary AA batteries, the power can support 6-12 months. When the battery is low, the smartphone will receive a reminder to replace the battery.

4, no troubles of losing the key: neither re-keying, nor the need to replace the door lock because of the loss of the key. The cost of purchasing a smart door lock at a time can save the cost of replacing the door lock and re-keying in the future. Allows the engineer to install and fix the lock by simply opening a small hole in the door when installing the door lock, which speeds up the construction and reduces the installation cost.

5, simple maintenance: modular circuit board, easy to install and disassemble, easy to maintain, spare mechanical key, foolproof.

The advantage of the non-porous smart door lock is shared here today. With the arrival of the Internet of Things era, it is believed that the non-porous smart door lock will have a larger market.

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