Two ways to let you know Ben Zhi smart lock

In the age of artificial intelligence, the rise of the concept of smart homes gave rise to the rapid development of the smart lock industry. Smart lock brands have mushroomed. Maybe you have heard of smart locks, Yale smart locks, but you have heard of Ben Zhi. Smart lock it? The following Xiao Bian to take everyone to know about Ben Zhi smart lock.

Guangzhou Benzhi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the research, development and production of high-tech security intelligent products. In the spirit of 'professionalism and focus', we adhere to the people-oriented principle and constantly introduce high-quality technical talents to form a complete product R&D. And production system, with independent intellectual property rights. Professionals provide various kinds of star hotels, business hotels, government agencies, schools, real estate, hospitals, modern offices to provide intelligent door lock products and solutions. Leading products include: electronic locks, electronic door locks, home electronic door locks, home electronic door locks, hotel locks, hotel door locks, card hotel door lock system, networking hotel electronic door locks, smart door lock system, magnetic card lock, sauna lock , Smart lock, fingerprint lock, fingerprint password lock, remote lock, remote password lock, password lock, electronic lock, power switch, etc.

Product Features:


Industrial board design , fully automatic SMT process, surface three special treatment

Professional control device , more stable energy saving

Imported motor components for longer life

Technical Parameters


Power Supply : DC4.5V-6.5V, 4 Sections 1.5V 5 Alkaline Battery

Static current : 20 microamperes

Dynamic power : <130 mA

Working temperature : -20°C~+85°C

Sensing distance : 0-33mm

Door record : The door lock microcomputer can store the most recent 200 opening records (including mechanical key opening times and internal opening times)

Opening time : After turning the handle, the door lock will automatically lock. If the door is not opened after the card is touched, the door lock will be automatically locked after 5 seconds.

Battery life : Continuous work for one year (12 months) or more under normal use

Low-voltage alarm : When it is lower than 4.5 volts, the red light will turn on when the door is opened, and the buzzer will alarm. At this time, the door can be opened about 100 times.

Range of application : Can be installed on wooden doors and metal doors with a door panel thickness ≥38mm

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