The weather is getting colder.

The radiator, commonly known as the radiator, is the end device of the heating system. Generally speaking, the heat sink transmits the heat carried by the heat medium to the air in the room, and must have the pressure to withstand the heat medium conveying system, good heat and heat dissipation capability, good corrosion resistance and necessary service life, etc. condition. At present, the price of different types of radiators in the market is not the same. When consumers purchase, in addition to considering the shape, price and other factors, they must also consider the heating system pressure, community water quality, heat dissipation performance and other factors.

Near the Mid-Autumn Festival, the arrival of winter is not far away. It is an essential step to “settle” the heating in the room before the cold winter. In the past two years, with the emergence of various heating methods such as cable floor heating and wall heating, consumers have more choices, but heating is still the first choice for many people. Many consumers said that the installation of heating is relatively simple, and there are many different types of options. At present, there is also a unique color heating system on the market, which has updated the image of the previous heating and has become a part of the home decoration style. Professionals reminded that when purchasing heating, consider the progress of home renovation, and choose a professional installation team to avoid use problems.

New house renovation plan before installation

For new home decorators, because new houses are usually equipped with heating equipment such as heating, floor heating or central air conditioning, in the decoration process, the heating needs to be “removed first and then installed” to ensure that the covered wall can be handled normally. Niu Mengmen, the designer of the industry's peak decoration, reminded that when the new house is renovated, the heating installation should be planned well before the renovation starts, such as whether it needs to be relocated or not. If it needs to be modified, in general, the water circuit should be installed in place while the water circuit is being retrofitted. Finally, the radiator should be installed at the same time when installing the lamp and switch panel. It should be noted that the heating order period is generally between 20 days and 40 days, and consumers should calculate the time according to the needs.

Buying heating should consider water quality

The old house reloading often requires the replacement of the heating due to the aging of the radiator material. In general, the original radiator is replaced with a material, so that it is not necessary to replace the concealed tube and move the furniture, which can be completed in one day. If you need a large-scale change, you need to plan before the renovation of the old house. The concealed pipe is buried underground, and the cost is even lower at the shortest distance. During installation, the overhead heating should be installed on the load-bearing wall to ensure safety; the installation position is preferably to prevent cold radiation and cold air circulation under the window, so that the human body does not obviously feel the intrusion of cold air. In addition, it is not advisable to install the heating near the furniture, and pay attention to the height and position to avoid frequent activities and corners where children can easily bump.

Cui Tao, the current decoration engineering manager, reminded that many consumers often only consider the style and style when purchasing heating. In fact, they should consider the type of boiler and water quality requirements. Because the heating is very suitable, different heating should correspond to the corresponding boiler and water quality, otherwise it is very easy to be corroded. It is recommended to buy it under the guidance of professional shops and professionals. For example, a steel radiator is afraid of oxygen in the circulating water. This requires a closed boiler to be used in the community. It is not possible to use a water pipe that may seep into oxygen. The aluminum radiator is afraid of corrosion of alkaline substances. Therefore, when heating is selected, Understand the water quality near the community.

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The number of radiators must be calculated

How many pieces or sets of heating are required in the room, at the time of purchase, the merchant will give advice based on the room size. For example, how much heating area can be guaranteed by a piece of heating, and how much it needs to be calculated. Because the new houses are now equipped with heating, although the material is slightly worse, the quantity can be guaranteed, and consumers can refer to it accordingly. Old houses are generally equipped with radiators, which can be added or modified according to the feeling of living before the consumers change.

The heating renovation must also obtain the replacement permit of the property management department. Some communities are not allowed to replace the radiator. Some communities only allow the radiator with the specified material. The consumer will consult before making a decision.

Installation is more important

Heating safety is called “three-point heating seven-point installation”. According to reports, the heating itself rarely has quality problems, and most of them are unqualified water leakage accidents. After the installation, the pressure test should be done. If this step is not done well, it will add hidden dangers to the future use. It is recommended that consumers choose the big brand and professional installation team.

Now the installation warranty period is generally a heating season, the first winter just installed on the heating, during the heating period, you should keep people in the home, observe whether the valve, pipe connection and other parts are leaking, and solve the problem in time. If there is no water leakage during the first heating season, the probability of problems in the future is relatively small.

Different space heating

Different spaces have different requirements on the shape of the heating. For example, in the kitchen, the oil smoke is heavy. It is best to choose a radiator with a smooth surface and not easy to be corroded. It is easy to clean; the bathroom is easy to hide, and the heating is easy to clean. The film can be left around the radiator in the bathroom to facilitate the installation of towel racks, drying racks, etc.

The bedroom is the longest space for people to stay in. When choosing a radiator, it is usually installed in a ventilated position such as windows and doors to ensure comfort.

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