Security door common problems and solutions

Seimao shared the security check door common problems and solutions

1. Can detect objects: General easy to magnetic metal, that is easy to be magnet adsorption of objects, such as silicon steel, iron, copper, alloys and other objects. However, if the objects are scattered, such as powdered metals, wire-shaped metals, etc. are not easily detected. Metals can be detected on a coin basis. If the customer materials are special, samples can be requested for testing.

2. Frequently Asked Questions: A: Installation: Distinguish the left and right door panels, left (4P plug), right (3P plug), plugged firmly, not installed. B: When the alarm is not detected, check whether the intensity is always on and the infrared count is normal. (This article is for the head of the god series, some manufacturers randomly copied this, and they do not have any infrared plug plug to plug)

3. Specific issues:

(1) Can't boot:

1 The power indicator light is on. Check whether the power in the cabinet is securely inserted. If there is no problem, check whether the fuse and the power supply circuit are connected properly.

2 If the power indicator is off, verify that the incoming line plug is firmly plugged in and the power cord is in good condition.

(2) Infrared does not count: Check whether infrared is firmly connected and whether the infrared head is covered.

(3) No alarm:

1 Strong and weak light, check whether there is interference source around, try to change the frequency of crystal oscillator.

2 Check if the infrared is normal.

(4) Long alarm time: Check the length of the alarm and infrared count.

(5) String: Check for interference.

(6) Liquid crystal gate water phenomenon: Check whether the liquid crystal panel is squeezed, loosen the screws on the liquid crystal panel.

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