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Huaxin History: 21 years to build national independent brands

1993 Established Wuxi Huaxin Safety Equipment Co., Ltd.

2004 Become a global partner of British William & Baron company to jointly develop safety protection products

In 2007 passed the German TUV (German technical supervision ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001) system certification

Established a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2007: Anhui Huaxin Security Equipment Co., Ltd.

In 2008, the company's management system was upgraded and customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise process management (ERP) were combined to truly realize a customer-centric response system.

2009 Anhui Huaxin Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. Production Base Opened

In 2013, they were among the top 50 labor insurance companies in the country

Woshine Watson - Wuxi Huaxin Security Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the largest professional manufacturers of security products in China. The company was founded on October 10th, 1993 and has been focusing on the R&D and production of high-end safety helmets, safety shoes and respiratory protection products for the past 20 years. The products have passed many certifications such as American ANSI, European CE and National LA, and obtained a number of national patents. In 2001, it took the lead in the country to pass the ISO9001 quality system certification. Providing security products that truly meet the safety standards and meet the needs of users, and creating safety for our users, is the goal of Watson Trust.

Adapt to trends, new technologies, change the status quo

For the most popular topic nowadays: e-commerce, Lin always said firmly: “E-commerce is an inevitable trend. Our task for 2014 is to enter e-commerce as soon as possible, while ensuring the interests of dealer groups. "When it comes to distributors, Lin always deliberately emphasized that:" The most fundamental criterion for company management dealers is that - cooperation and win-win, all the company's policies are based on how to help the development of dealers."

Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, Huaxin has served companies that have covered the top 500 companies in the country. There have been no quality and safety incidents so far. At the recent celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Wah Sing in 2013, President Lin proposed that "Wahson should become China's outstanding manufacturer of security protection products." For this idea, Watson has demonstrated its unique maturity and self-confidence. Today, Watson owns two major manufacturing bases in Wuxi, Jiangsu, and Guangde, Anhui, and establishes a complete partnership with the global technology partner, William & Baron of the United Kingdom. The research and development, production, and detection of the supply chain of distribution. All manufacturing bases have passed the ISO9001, ISO14000 and ISO18000 system certifications. Watson believes that by introducing new technologies and new materials into security products, it is possible to change the situation where domestic protective equipment is only manufactured at low end.

Open up territory, go abroad

Today, Watson has more than 100 sales outlets and after-sales service stations in China, but the 42-year-old Lin has not stopped. When it comes to well-known foreign brands Messiah, Jie Shibi, Honeywell, etc., Lin always looks very calm and said: "As a private enterprise, we have worked with these foreign brands for more than 20 years. competition."

In the domestic market, Watson has its own advantages: 1. It is more familiar with the requirements of local companies, so the service is more practical, and the operating methods are more flexible; 2. Learning foreign brands of technology, adhere to the national brand of road, to quality For the first time, safety is a priority as a development concept. In terms of product costs, Watson's prices are relatively more advantageous.

For overseas markets, National Huaxin is constantly trying, although the competitiveness is weak, but in the foreign market, Huaxin has a number of fixed customers, while the company is also constantly improving international certification, enrich product lines, and actively participate in foreign exhibitions, promotion, Strengthen communication with foreign merchants.

Corporate development, leadership for all

In the face of such a strong Watson, Xiao Bian wanted to interpret the length of the home in one sentence. Lin always gave me a perfect answer: “To be the best you can, and to be as good as you want, but to be free of my heart. ."

He has a soft personality and does not care about personal gains and losses. The biggest hobby is diving. Underwater 30 meters underwater and close contact with nature, gentle, peaceful, like he and his employees. He once promised his employees: "Never leave the company to their own children. The company is everyone's. It will select the best people among the employees to train and replace them."

In work, he is not a workaholic. He likes to distribute his work to employees who are willing to take pressure, and he is willing to pay them back. For the selection of talents, he said: "If you are a Maxima, you must first run up and it is easier for you to be in the middle of Bole! Watson welcomes talents with common aspirations to join us for common development!"

Looking back and looking forward to the future

Looking back, thoughts flowed in and filled with emotion.

When talking about the twenty years of Huaxin's trials and tribulations, Lin always felt happy. "In 20 years, Huaxin has faced two major changes." Recollecting, talking to the total forest, let the next I could not bear to interrupt. He said: "The first change was the change from a foreign brand agent to a manufacturer. That change was a smooth one, mainly because all the company's employees are fully aware that Watson needs its own core competitiveness, so everyone's concept is unified. It was a smooth transition from top to bottom and it took about 5 years to completely get rid of the agent."

For the second change of Watson, Lin always showed a different emotion than before. The second time was the transformation of Huaxin sales model. Lin's next words and deeds all revealed the difficulties and pains of this transformation process. “In the initial period of transition, dealers were all watching and watching, and Watson faced a significant decline in sales and profits, which led to instability in the sales team, some management hesitation, and even shareholder disagreements.” At this point, Lin The general tone began to reveal a hint of comfort. "Fortunately, we persisted. With the gradual advancement of the transformation, after three years of hard work, we already have a stable and loyal dealer team. Huaxin's sales are also On a new level, the facts prove that the sales transformation of Huaxin is correct and necessary. At present, the concept of Huaxin is consistent, because everybody cherishes the business opportunities brought about by this transformation."

Looking to the future, I have confidence and confidence.

"Future?" Lin confidently and firmly re-emphasized the 20th anniversary of the phrase: "Unite our distributors, determined to become China's outstanding security protection products intelligence maker."

Editor's notes

Lin's self-confidence and persistence made me feel his strong aura. In response to the company’s recall of the company for 20 years, I also became a listener. He focuses on environmental protection and focuses on new technologies and new technologies. When there was a car shed in the factory area, there wasn’t a car inside. This caused my curiosity. An employee of Watson told me: "That is the company's solar battery. All the street lights in the plant are powered by this kind of solar battery, which is more environmentally friendly." This made me once again to this young leader. Admiration. Under the irritability of itching, I randomly interviewed a Huaxin employee and asked her to talk about Lin in her eyes. She smiled and said: "We are polite, optimistic, cheerful, and can stick to it." In the Watson factory area, I am still thinking. For this interview, I have some intentions.
Today's Huaxin has more things we cannot see in guiding it step by step to a more distant future; the future of Watson will also bring us more expectations and surprises.

20 years of good record of no quality accident, Watson continues to maintain!

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