How can paint brands improve product competitiveness?

How can paint brands improve product competitiveness?

In the increasingly developed new media today, market competition has become increasingly fierce. Many paint companies have begun to search for various marketing methods to promote their own products. They want to win a place in the fierce market competition, but only a few paint companies have achieved Success, what is the reason? In the final analysis, there was a problem with the marketing model.

Coating companies need to identify marketing models With the increasing development of the Internet, marketing models are constantly emerging, such as: celebrity endorsements, WeChat marketing, advertising spaces, etc. The rise of various marketing models has also led paint companies into a stage of confusion, many paint companies do not know What kind of method to choose for product marketing, some paint companies even blindly choose the marketing method, the choice on the marketing model is too casual, this will not only know that affect the profitability of paint companies, or direct impact The development of the entire paint industry.

Whether it is an entrepreneurial paint company or a mature paint company that already has a certain brand influence, marketing is a part that cannot be ignored. Hong Kong Lotus Intelligent Water Paint creates a marketing model that combines "online" and "offline", and creates a model that complements each other and develops together. A good marketing model that suits itself is crucial for the coating company. He is like the soul of the enterprise supporting the development of the entire coating company.

Paint companies need to understand the essence of marketing The so-called successful product marketing is to seize the pain points of consumers, many paint companies do unsuccessful marketing is the reason for this, then the paint companies how to examine their own marketing model is a problem What?

This must be considered from two aspects: On the one hand, we must examine the users we serve. Paint companies need to clearly know which group of people they want to influence. The establishment of a crowd is a core strategy. Others are all tactics. All marketing activities must be based on the target user. Otherwise, it is nothing. On the other hand, it is necessary to review whether the user's appeals and product attributes have changed. In general, the closed loop followed by product development is "discovering users' pain points - making products - resolving pain points". This closed-loop order is not wrong. What is prone to errors is whether your users' pain points are accurately found or whether user needs are Changes have occurred in the short term, and whether the current product attributes can accurately meet the user's pain points.

For coating companies, a good marketing model is to attract consumers and provide consumers with valuable products and services. To achieve this, paint companies must recognize the nature of marketing and maximize the appeal to consumers. Consumer pain points.

Talent is the core competitiveness of the product With the rapid development of the real estate and manufacturing industries, China's coatings have become a global paint production and consumption of large countries, but there are still many deficiencies in technology research and development and production. At this stage of the transition from strong to strong, the health, individuality, and environmental protection of paint production have been increasingly highlighted. According to China's manufacturing network internal trade stations, many paint manufacturing companies still have great progress in talents and R&D. space. In particular, domestic workshop-style coating companies are also plagiarizing other people's formulas, without the direct core competitiveness of products and the uniqueness of products. As a leading brand in Hong Kong paint industry, Lotus Smart Water Paint and Hong Kong City University have conducted long-term technical development cooperation. They have established a number of technologies and research and development, such as the “Doctoral Workstation” and “Waterborne Coatings Development and Application Science Laboratory”. center.

For coating companies, technology research and development and new product development have always been the core strengths of the company's development. Compared to Hong Kong Lotus Smart Water Paint, whether it is in mainland China (Zhongshan Base, Foshan Base) or Hong Kong, it is in technological development. We have done our own homework for research and development of new products, and achieved certification and technical harmonization in a global market. In particular, today's implementation of the “One Belt and One Road” strategy, paint manufacturing companies will have to go abroad to learn about imported coatings companies in technology research and development and new The advantages of product development, through technical certification, complement each other, enhance their own research and development level, and better serve consumers.

Creating a new platform for brand services and online channel services The shuffling of an industry is the inevitable result of the development of the market economy in this industry to a certain stage. Reshuffle in the industry is a great opportunity for advantageous companies, but coating companies that rely on plagiarism and counterfeiting brands will find it increasingly difficult to survive in a fierce market competition environment. Through this shuffle, the paint company's managers conducted an inspection of their own business management capabilities. Those paint companies that usually pay attention to internal strength ** have strong resistance to pressure in the era of big shuffles.

With the integration of information in the Internet+ era, the low degree of concern and high degree of involvement of the paint industry in the past are changing. Consumers' access to information and content, both breadth and depth, has increased over the past. Therefore, for those companies that are already in a dominant position in the industry, the current industry situation is extremely beneficial to them. The key is to see whether they can seize this opportunity, attack aggressively, and constantly seize the original market scale of those shuffled enterprises.

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