China Plastics Network talks about the development of the Mexican automotive industry and promotes the injection molding industry

By 2020, Mexico will produce 5 million cars a year, and this news will result in about 20% of plastic companies making huge profits and promoting the prosperity of plastics companies. Therefore, the development of the automotive industry has promoted the injection molding industry and brought huge benefits to many injection molding companies.
Eduardo Solis, chairman of the Mexican National Automobile Industry Trade Organization, said: "Based on the latest investment plan of Mexican light-duty automotive OEMs, plastic injection molding machines will benefit from the growth of automobile production."

According to Amia data, Mexico produced a total of 1,132,481 cars in April, which is 10.7% higher than the same period in 2014. In addition, Solis added: "The production of cars this year will reach 3.4 million, and the production in 2017 is expected to be as large as 4 million."
Torres, the purchasing director of Ford Mexico, said at the meeting: "We will continue to invest heavily in the automotive industry."
However, he added: "First, the government needs to constantly adjust its policies to ensure that the field can attract more investors to invest and promote industrial development. Secondly, the technology should strengthen technological innovation and further improve technical conditions. Finally, we There is a need to continuously improve and develop infrastructure.
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