How to distinguish between "weak base" and "strong base" diatom mud?

In recent years, the hotter diatom mud is not only green and environmentally friendly, but also can purify indoor air and odor, and can remove decoration pollution, such as formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases. The color is soft, gentle and not glaring, and can be effective. Protecting children's eyesight is very suitable for children's room decoration, and has become a hot new decoration for the building materials market.

Diatom mud can be divided into two major categories: weak-alkaline diatom mud and strong-base diatom mud. For this, each manufacturer has its own opinions, and there are different opinions. So, which diatom mud is more suitable for children's rooms?

According to the "Central 2 sets" and "Beijing Satellite TV" reported in September last year: A 4-year-old girl in Yantai accidentally spilled bubble water on her face while playing bubbles. The next day, the whole body began to molt. The mouth also began to fester and swollen, and the doctor diagnosed contact dermatitis. At present, the situation of the little girl has improved, but the purchase channels of bubble water and the composition of these solutions are still a mystery.

The reporter bought three kinds of bubble water, and all of them contained caustic soda. What is caustic soda? Caustic soda is also called caustic soda, caustic soda, caustic soda, generally refers to sodium hydroxide, chemical formula is NaOH, is a strong alkali with strong corrosivity, soluble in water and forms an alkaline solution, and Deliquescent, easy to absorb water vapor in the air. Sodium hydroxide is corrosive, dust or smoke can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract, corrode the nasal septum, and direct contact between the skin and eyes and NaOH can cause burns. Ingestion can cause burns in the digestive tract, mucous membrane erosion, bleeding and shock.

Therefore, strong alkali does not belong to the category of natural environmental protection. As we all know, water is neutral, not acid or alkali is neutral, the mother of all things, the PH value is 7, and the body fluid of the human body is weak base, the PH value is about 7.4, so the weak base is of great significance.

Why do some manufacturers of diatom mud use alkali caustic soda? Because caustic soda can be chemically reacted, the epidermis is formed into calcium carbonate, the advantage is that it is washable, especially the strong alkali diatom mud has good water absorption, so Let the consumer feel that this is the real diatom mud, this is a real act of sham, because water absorption does not mean that it can absorb air.

The calcium carbonate film formed on the surface of the strong alkali diatom mud has blocked the voids, and the test proves that its ability to adsorb air has been lost. If you lose the performance of purifying the air, this is not diatom mud. Especially for children, the skin of children is soft and it is difficult to avoid frequent contact with the wall. The texture of strong alkali diatom mud is not only scratching the skin of children, its strong alkali will corrode children's skin and bring unpredictable s consequence.

The weak alkaline diatom mud is made of inorganic mineral components. Even the pigments are natural mineral pigments. The texture is soft and silky. It has no damage to the skin of children, and it will not scratch the skin. It is really a child. The best choice for room decoration. In addition, the weak alkaline diatom mud avoids the disadvantages of strong alkali diatom mud, easy coloration and easy cracking. It can be reduced to a secondary use of mud, which fully illustrates the natural properties of weak alkaline diatom mud.

The characteristics of strong alkali diatom mud are mainly high hardness, very fast water absorption, smooth hand feeling, and can be washed with water.

A convenient way to distinguish between strong alkali and weak alkaline diatom mud: consumers can grab a dry powder of diatom mud and smell it with their nose or hand rub. The strong alkali diatom mud has a strong pungent lime smell. Will burn hands, and weak alkaline diatom mud dry powder only a touch of earthy smell, strong alkali corrosion: usually hear some diatom mud construction masters will complain that diatom mud construction will hurt after a few days, will crack, hand will hurt And it is not easy to grow well, in fact, this is caused by strong alkaline substances. Because the strong alkaline diatom mud is very corrosive, it will burn the skin and it is not easy to heal the wound!

The weakly alkaline diatom mud has the characteristics of being natural, environmentally friendly, absorbent, soft, and capable of being reduced to mud.

The weakly alkaline diatom mud product is more natural than the strongly alkaline diatom mud. There is no exaggerated penetration. It only needs to absorb the diatomaceous earth. If enough water is added. This diatom mud will also be reduced to mud. Weakly alkaline diatom mud does not contain any chemical glue and lime as raw materials, so the weak alkaline diatom mud after construction is softer in color, and the protection of the eyes, especially children, is better.

Therefore, since the weakly alkaline diatom mud product retains the most primitive breathing pores of diatomaceous earth and protects the functionality of diatomite to the greatest extent, it is said that the wall can achieve true free breathing.

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Label: How to distinguish between “weak base” and “strong base” diatom mud?

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