Tribological AICAD design of screw nut pair

Tribology of the screw nut pair 0 design Xu Jiansheng Dun Kali Zhao Yuan. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology, Wuhan 43073, China; 2. Wushu Material Protection Research Institute, Wuhan, Hubei 430030, China, the method of using tribology, the method and logic of the 10 people in 0

Tribology of the screw nut pair 0 design Xu Jiansheng Dun Kali Zhao Yuan. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology, Wuhan 43073, China; 2. Wushu Institute of Materials Protection, Hubei Wuhan 430030, China, 0 method, using tribology knowledge in 10 people 0 method and logic to resolve the algorithm to achieve user design condition input Intelligent integration of tribological knowledge rules and artificial neural networks. The results of the development of 3 people and 10 people, the system is not only able to meet the strength design requirements, but also meet the friction and wear design requirements in the true sense of practical mechanical parts design.

The defect of the traditional strength setting is that it cannot be based on the particularity and complexity of the main disaster effect shape, and the tribological test results are very versatile, which makes the designer's seven methods accurate and convenient to engage in mechanical design of Yingzhou tribology knowledge.

Tribology design involves many rules. The analysis of tribological system conditions is lengthy and the design process is very complicated. At present, there is no exact wear rate calculation formula for tribological programming, which determines its development. Avoid artificially relying on modern scientific and technological means artificial intelligence technology, 1 14,1. The tears of the predecessors 1 torch technology in the design of the smashing design, only the factory type identification 1 and fault diagnosis forecast. Really used in the motorcycle, the program design of the juice calculation is carried out a set of more perfect human tax tribology design method transformation method specifically introduced into the artificial intelligence 410 program design method, the establishment of artificial intelligence computer-aided design structure, and developed for The 3 artificial intelligence of the tribological design of the screw nut friction pair, in the theoretical method and application to complete some basic research, so as to obtain a more systematic research, mode and application creation for the human intelligence technology in the tribology field. condition.

1 screw nut pair of people redundant 0 system characteristics and structure of the wood nut developed by the screw nut pair 5, busy 1 tribology design has the main features of systemic intelligence and advanced.

Compared with the traditional mechanical design, the most important difference is that the former uses the design of the rubber and the sub-glue as the design criteria, and the pressure of the threaded teeth is the design criterion, that is, the former will be regarded as a tribological system. The latter will only Asked to be a small person to ask.

The former automatically recommends a suitable tribological system for the user, for example, it is recommended to match the sub-material lubrication medium viscosity additive surface roughness, etc.; the latter does not have this function.

The former calculates the wear rate and the wear life check as the most important check indicators. For this purpose, the database rule base expert library is established for wear calculation, and the artificial neural network and friction system conversion method are applied to the wear life. The calculation is performed; the latter is powerless for the wear calculation.

And the experience accumulated by experts for many years and the thinking and reasoning of tribology are comprehensively analyzed by computer-aided design method, and the storage process is provided to the user's intelligent system with the most accurate and appropriate results in the most succinct and clear way at the fastest speed. 3 The overall structure of the process of the inflow of people 0 system 1.

The program will start to enter the man-machine interface, the user can choose the option of the user, enter the preliminary working conditions, and the user will enter the preliminary working conditions according to the design requirements of the national natural science fund project 5,175,083. The user input is sent to the pusher for sorting, pushing, and pushing. The machine calls the knowledge base database expert library to design the wear type judgment and design criteria for the design, and recommend the friction system conditions for the user, such as friction, sub-matching village material, surface roughness lubrication medium. Viscosity additives, etc., the output box will not be scarred. According to the selected design criteria and the 撺 撺 system, the program will first calculate the geometric parameters of the screw nut, and then 迸骀7, order, first enter the regular arc condition check, the law self-locking condition. Thread strength screw strength screw stability, and then call the artificial intelligence system to check the wear life. At this time, the system calls the knowledge 庵 data 庵 expert library to search and extract through the inference engine and match the user input conditions, and then send the information to the neural network. Learning training, and the calculated wear rate data is sent to the verification program for calculation. Finally, the program will judge all the qualified results and submit the results to the man-machine interface for completion. The printout may be unqualified and become unqualified. Then, feedback to the modification program, modify the corresponding system conditions and geometric parameters, and then send the test calculations, repeated verification and modification, until the qualification is passed.

2 screw nut pair tribology knowledge and the long-term 40 logical reasoning mechanism for everyone, to complete the machine intelligent computing and integration, must have a large number of machine-recognized tribological knowledge to support. There are many forms of tribology knowledge. The commonly used forms are 1 database; 2 type; 3 mathematics type; 4 rules up need to study the knowledge type suitable for computer, that is, using some formal form structure to describe tribology know how. Generally, a database of three kinds of knowledge can be used to obtain 2 neural networks by experiments; It is difficult to use the data or symbolic rules. These logical clothing styles are finally transformed into the form that the juice machine can recognize and appear through the syllabus 3, so that the human, the processor can provide the processable knowledge, and the æ’©7 knows that only the rules can be in the form of words. Given, and logically, the word logic symbol is up to 5.

10 in the push. The machine is a parent's multi-processing center. It extracts and matches the stored tribological knowledge in an orderly manner according to the user's design requirements. The reasoning mechanism uses the logical symbol to reach the small clothes, which is pushed. The mechanism is commonly used to push the buried, 01.60101.1. The reasoning process is actually a search addressing process. The logical addressing process of the input conditions to the ancestor contains multiple addressing processes.

Form a multi-channel open network search tree structure 151.

Through the logical inference engine, the input rule sequence artificial neural network library of the caller can be collectively matched. The rule base is recommended for the screw nut pair design, such as the lubrication of the auxiliary material, the accuracy of the surface roughness, etc. These knowledge are stored in the rule base in the form of rules. The inference engine is based on rules and quests. The site inference program finds the rules of tribological knowledge that match the user's input and recommends the structure of the system.

After determining the tribological system structure, the inference engine continues to search for artificial neural networks that match the user input and the selected tribological system structural conditions, and performs friction system transformation and friction and wear calculations to calculate the wear life of the screw nut pair. And calculate the basic parameters such as the nominal diameter of the screw nut parts, the number of turns, the length of the nut and the length of the screw.

3 Tribology design check and automatic modification procedure In the traditional screw drive juice design, the allowable pressure, 1 is the experimental recommended value under normal conditions, and the key point of tribology design is according to the specific screw nut pair Tribological system conditions, that is, different material pairs, different lubricants, different lubrication additives, different conditions, and other conditions. The type is entered into the tribological test to obtain a series of allowable pressures that do not gel, and is placed in a database for program operation. The parameters designed in this way are more in line with the tribological design. After calculating the thread diameter, the thread standard size parameter 5796186 stored in the database can be called. Now, the sentence is searched, the standard nominal straight is to be successfully designed, the nut 4 Heart 0 software, 赃 corresponding pitch tired working height. And according to the setting of the right riding calculation command button on the screw design interface, the button will pop up the checker window, and the check subroutine will be called. The check subroutine includes the check of the self-locking condition of the 1 screw nut pair; 2 the check of the bending strength of the thread; 3 the strength check of the screw; 4 the stability check of the screw.

After the normal strength check of the screw nut pair is completed, the wear rate and wear life of the screw nut pair will be checked. This is the most important and most important step in the tribological design of the screw nut pair. The wear of the screw and threaded teeth is mainly able to accurately calculate the wear rate of the friction pair, and the wear rate has no ready-made formula. It is necessary to establish a tribology database based on a large number of friction tests and use it. The target sample is used to train and train the human neural network, and the artificial neural network is trained. Now, the thief-endeering shirt, the coefficient of the thread diameter must calculate the height of the nut = 12, and then calculate the number of turns of the screw nut. = The basic size parameters of the screw nut of this factory are initially calculated. At this time, the design result on the design interface will show the preliminary design results. Material grade hardness value Lubricant grade add-on grade and add proportion thread precision screw length screw circle number screw type screw pay å–ˆ and so on.

The tribological design of the screw nut pair not only satisfies the requirements of tribological properties, but also satisfies all the conventional strength conditions, so the initial setting results are obtained. It is also necessary to check the strength of the screw nut pair. Court 2 is a 0 automatic check box.

The initial result input modification program will automatically classify the check result after the check program, and pay the single item or multiple sets of juice check + appropriate conditions, all of which are processed according to the single item + qualified. For example, there is item + qualified thread tooth strength. Screw stiffness, wear life, the modification program will be queuing in order to select the most urgent need for parameter calculation. The order of ordering is as follows: 1 self-locking; 2 thread strength; 3 screw tensile strength; 4 screw stiffness; 5 wear life. Generally speaking, the strength of other items after a certain core will change accordingly. For example, when the thread strength is modified, the nominal diameter may be increased, or the pitch may be increased, which will lead to screw rigidity, large, and nut life. extend. The logic search and modification calculation of the correction program are automatically completed. Finally, the modified parameters are sent to the output display box and the proofreading program respectively, and the check program is continued, and the calculation is continued. If there are still unqualified items, they will be sent again. The modification program is used to perform design modification calculations, and this is repeated until the output of the calibration program is deemed to be qualified.

For the results of the comparison between the design results of 48 redundant people and the traditional design results, a design example of a screw nut pair is selected. In this example, the mechanical design manual published by the Chemical Industry Press has the first speed; the maximum lifting capacity is Dan=200; single-headed trapezoid; self-locking is required.

The design results given in the manual are as follows. The three-person tax design can directly input the known conditions in the user input box. After running the program, the final result is the design of the person, the screw material 45 steel; the screw material especially 4, 3; lubrication Thread precision 776 screw length 30,5 thread number 8; nut thickness 641; screw foot 18 nominal diameter 48 yang called screw nut sub-marker Ding 148 compare the above design results with the mechanical design manual design results can be seen The design result of the three-person Huiren 0 is basically the same as the traditional strength design.

5 Conclusion, and can be calculated more accurately through artificial neural network and logic search program. and so! Et lockability qualified wear life screw stability screw strength thread strength 1 system foot can meet the strength design requirements, can meet the friction and wear design requirements of the true meaning of the real month 1 machinery; Edited by Qiu Xuanhuai. Mechanical design. The first edition. Beijing Higher Education Liu Renjia, editor of Tao Xinghua. Mechanical designer manual plus. Beijing Mechanical Industry Press, 1989.684695.

Xie Youbai. The target content and method of tribology design Xu Jiansheng, the collection of the first national tribology conference in Wuhan. Artificial intelligence of tribological design of screw nut pair, research 0. PhD thesis. Wuhan Wuhan Material Protection Research Institute Yu Yu. Discussion about knowledge. Journal of Computers, 1995, 183212224 Xu Jiansheng. 6 The application of neural networks in tribological design calculations. The first edition. Beijing Chemical Industry Press, 1991.

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