What kitchen appliances home kitchen appliances buy principle

After the kitchen is renovated, it is necessary to buy some kitchen appliances. However, what do you think of the kitchen appliances that you are still not familiar with? It is also believed that many people want to know the answer. Kitchen Appliances A type of household appliance designed for use in home kitchens, including refrigerators, sterilizers, range hoods, gas stoves, ovens, and microwave ovens. So today in detail tell us something about what household kitchen appliances and household kitchen appliances to buy principle.

What are the kitchen appliances

Divided into five categories according to the purpose of food preparation, preparation, cooking, storage and kitchen hygiene; according to the installation can be divided into independent, ordinary embedded and fully embedded three, according to the working principle is divided into electric, electric heating two categories, including Electrothermal category is divided into resistive, infrared, microwave and electromagnetic induction.

What kind of food preparation for home kitchen appliances

Including vegetable washing machines, dough mixers, slicers, can openers, food processors, egg beaters, mixers, meat grinders, fruit and vegetable peelers, coffee grinders, food mixers, electric cutters, etc.

What kind of food preparations for household kitchen appliances?

Including squeezed juicers, yogurt makers, popcorn makers, ice shaver (snowflake) and so on.

What kind of kitchen appliances have food cooking

Including integrated gas and electric stoves, electric cookers, integrated environmental protection stoves, microwave ovens, microcrystalline stoves, induction cookers, rice cookers, electric ovens, toasters (toasters), electric steam cookers, electric fryers, electric hot pots, Electric cookers, electric lunch boxes, electric pressure cookers, sandwich ovens, electric baking pans, electric wok pans, egg steamers, broilers, coffee makers, grills, etc.


What are the types of household kitchen appliances

Including refrigerators, disinfection cupboards, wine coolers and so on.

What kitchen appliances have kitchen hygiene

Including dishwasher (diswasher), electric water heater, dish drying oven, garbage compactor, food residue processor, range hood (oil hood), electric water boiler, water purifier, water heater, electric kettle UV sterilizers, etc.

Household kitchen appliances purchase principle

1, the most important brand and service

Internationalized big brand products have stringent requirements in parts procurement, production process, quality control and other aspects, quality is generally more reliable, and after-sales service system is perfect, which can eliminate the worries of consumers. It is everyone's consensus to choose a big brand of products. However, due to differences in cooking habits between the Chinese and the West, Chinese people like to fry in frying and cooking, and the fumes are heavier. They need large suction range hoods and large fire gas stoves, while Europe and the United States are used to eating western foods, lighter smoke, and their suction And gas stove firepower is generally smaller. Therefore, it is recommended not to use imported products that have not been modified by Chinese style.

2, choose health, environmental protection

The kitchen is the main source of pollution for the family and the kitchen is at the same time the center of family enjoyment. Kitchen appliances as the core components in the kitchen, whether it is healthy, environmental protection function is essential!


3, low consumption is called the province

Living at home, using energy-saving, low-cost electrical products is really called save money. Don't just pay attention to whether the selling price of the product is cheaper. It is more important to see whether the product itself has the functions of energy saving and low consumption. If the hood has three speeds: “high speed, low speed, and soft speed”, the long-time stewing pot can use the soft-speed gear to save power and mute; whether the gas stove is pure blue and high-firing, and whether it has a large firepower exceeding 4.2 kW. Concentrated light wave disinfection, whether there is intelligent tracking disinfection.

4, kitchen and electricity integration

With the increasing popularity of kitchens as a whole, kitchen appliances as the integral part of the kitchen must reflect the concept of “kitchen and electricity integration” and achieve harmony and unity among all elements. This requires that not only "kitchen electricity" and "cabinet" be "integrated", but also "kitchen electric" and "kitchen electric" should have a set of design concepts from the internal function matching to the external aesthetic design. For example, whether the kitchen cabinets match the color of the kitchen appliances, whether the product appearance design matches, and so on.

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