How to choose TV cabinets _What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing TV cabinets?

Ouka Furniture News With the popularity of large-screen flat-panel TVs, how to integrate with modern homes, TV cabinets have become a good bridge. At the same time, the TV cabinet has already become another protagonist in addition to the sofa in the living room furniture. Then how to buy a TV cabinet, what issues should you pay attention to when purchasing a TV cabinet ?


1. When choosing a TV cabinet, you must consider the width, height and depth of the electrical appliances (such as TV sets, DVD players, etc.) to be placed, so as to avoid troubles caused by the size difference after the purchase.

2. When selecting a TV cabinet, you must consider the space where you want to reserve items such as CD, DVD, tape, etc., so as to avoid inconvenience in the future use.

3. When purchasing a TV cabinet, you should fully consider the heat dissipation performance of the TV cabinet.

4. When purchasing, check whether the TV cabinet is convenient and feasible in terms of line placement.

5, in order to take into account the TV and other electrical functions can fully play its role, so in determining the design or modeling of the TV cabinet, to make the full function of the electrical appliances to make the first choice.
What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing TV cabinets?

6. When people watch TV, the height of their line of sight should be below the eye level when they sit down. Therefore, when choosing a TV cabinet, the height of the TV should be designed to be 30-40 cm.

7. Another important point is that the structural design of the TV cabinet should be based on the full consideration of the function of the electrical appliance.

8, the choice of TV cabinet must be in harmony with the overall style of the living room or bedroom, can not be "mave stand" and look awkward, should choose the style that can be integrated into the overall space, if you can make a visual highlight on this basis, That would be even better.


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