What is the "ears?" film "ears" how to recycle at the lowest cost

Plastic film has PP, PE, PVC and other materials. In the production of heat shrinkable film, plastic wrap, composite film, tape film, flat wire, etc., there will be a waste film cut on both sides of the film, called "ear material". ". This raw material is pulverized into "snowflake pieces" and added to the good material to continue to produce the finished film, which will affect the quality of the finished film.

If it is granulated and reused, it will increase the granulation cost and increase the decomposition of the raw materials. The best method is to pass the ear material through a high pressure roller, crush it into a very hard plastic strip (wire), cut it directly into plastic granules, and feed it directly into the feeding port through the conveying pipe. Regularly mixed with new materials to form a pattern of continuous recycling. It can not only ensure product quality, but also reduce recycling costs. It can also save a lot of management links and save management costs.

The hanging basket is the main equipment in the cantilever construction. According to the structure, it can be divided into four types: truss type, diagonal pull type, steel type and mixed type. The design principles of the hanging basket: light weight, simple structure, strong and stable, easy to move forward, easy to assemble and disassemble, strong reusability, small deformation after stress, and sufficient space under the hanging basket, which can provide larger construction operations It is conducive to the construction operation of Steel Formwork.

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