Why the surface of 304 stainless steel tube is not the same

In life, we can see 304 stainless steel pipes everywhere, but their forms of existence are different. Whether it is stainless steel stair railings, security windows, stainless steel guardrails or stainless steel doors, these decorative stainless steel pipes are brushed with bright surfaces and are colored. Different requirements exist for different surface forms.
Under normal circumstances, the 304 stainless steel tube is bright, but depending on the application, the blank tube that has not been polished can be sent to the drawing tube to make a 120-, 180-, 320-mesh drawing tube. On the other hand, some need stainless steel tube surface like a mirror like brightness, fine polished stainless steel tube, made of brightness 4k, 6k, 8k, etc. different brightness stainless steel bright tube. Whether it is a stainless steel drawing tube or a mirror tube, the higher the unit value, the higher the surface brightness. Of course, colored stainless steel pipes will also be seen in some high-end hotels or residential areas. This is a color tube made of vacuum ion plating on the surface of stainless steel pipes, which is more expensive than drawing pipes and mirror pipes.

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