People's Daily three asked entrepreneurs: the future of the industrial industry is not high

Abstract PPI (industrial producers' ex-factory price index) recovered resilience, industrial electricity consumption growth rebounded significantly, and enterprises' willingness to start work increased. China's economic performance in the first quarter of this year was unveiled a few days ago, and the main indicators were better than expected. Do not...
PPI (industrial producers' ex-factory price index) recovered resilience, industrial electricity consumption growth rebounded sharply, and enterprises' willingness to start work increased... China's economic performance in the first quarter of this year was unveiled, and the main indicators were better than expected.
No matter when the economy develops, the real economy is the foundation of economic development. Further deepening the supply-side reform is to revitalize the real economy. What is the current production profit of the company? What is the change in operating costs? Will the investment direction be adjusted? Some areas, industries are really weak, how do you think? The reporter recently launched an investigation in many provinces and cities. Many entrepreneurs who started from the industry and still rely on industrial innovation and development gave their own answers.

Ask about production profit
Jilin Chemical Fiber is a company that grew up in the old industrial base in Northeast China. It mainly produces chemical fiber and trade. Some time ago, the gross profit margin was only 7% to 8%. "The money in the real economy is not easy to earn. We are traditional industries. The textile industry is relatively competitive. Basically, all elements are market-oriented." Chairman Song Dewu said that it was not profitable in previous years.
Since 2014, the company has adjusted its production pattern according to market demand. Carbon fiber is more than 1,200 tons, more than 2,000 tons, more than 4,000 tons, and is expected to exceed 8,000 tons this year. With the increase in the proportion of emerging products, the gross profit margin in the past three years is above 10%, and in 2016 it was 13%.
Guangzhou Wuxing Technology, which is engaged in the construction of entrepreneurship parks and physical incubation, has a lot of experience in observing the profitability of office leasing business. "To tell the truth, the profit is negative in the first two or two years, and the latter is very good." The relevant person in charge of the company said. However, in recent years, the business park leasing business is not very good at the local level. On the one hand, the market supply is large, and various types of parks are being built; on the other hand, the growth of corporate office demand has slowed down, and some settled enterprises are not engaged in industry. In the past, the 20,000-square-meter park was fully replenished in half a year, and it was basically over one year after 2013.
Recently, Ning Jizhen, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission and director of the National Bureau of Statistics, said in an exclusive interview with the newspaper that the long-term accumulation of structural contradictions is still prominent. In some fields, regions and industries, the differentiation can not be ignored, and structural adjustment has a long way to go. The task of side structural reform is arduous.
In the Guangdong household appliance industry, the relevant person in charge of Galanz admitted that the profit has a downward trend. In the process of transformation and upgrading, the investment in scientific research, automation and informationization is huge, and the comprehensive cost is also rising. Skyworth's 2016 profit margin dropped from the peak of 8.3% in 2014 to only 0.1 percentage points higher than 3.4% 10 years ago.
Jilin Changchun Rongde Optical Co., which produces high-tech products, is also experiencing fluctuations. General Manager Ni Guodong introduced that when Europe and the United States engaged in technical blockade on high-precision products, such products had higher entry barriers in the early domestic market. Therefore, “the profit at that time was very high. In the few years just started in 2007, the gross profit margin was over 500%.”
As the degree of openness to the outside world continues to increase, foreign technology products enter the Chinese market, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and profits begin to decline. “The gross profit margin of conventional products is around 50%, and some products with relatively low technological content are only 30%-40%.” Ni Guodong said that products with high technology content can still reach 100%, but not many.

▶▶▶ Link From January to March this year, the total profit of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 28.3% year-on-year, and the growth rate dropped by 3.2 percentage points from January to February. According to statistics analysis, the main reasons for the decline include the rise in raw material prices faster than the rise in product prices, the slowdown in profits in related industries such as coal, oil and steel, and the high profit base in the same period.
However, compared with the same period of last year, the profit rate continued to rise, and the profit growth structure was optimized. The proportion of the mining industry and the raw material manufacturing industry declined, and the proportion of the consumer goods manufacturing and equipment manufacturing industries increased. Faced with the differentiation of production profits of different industries and enterprises, the key is to focus on industrial transformation and upgrading, to form an industrial system with sustainable competitiveness and support, and to promote the formation of a new structure of strategic emerging industries and traditional manufacturing.

Second question of operating costs
Since last year, from the central government to the local government, various measures have been taken to reduce taxes and reduce costs and reduce factor costs. From January to March, the cost per 100 yuan of main business income of industrial enterprises above designated size was 85.25 yuan, a decrease of 0.15 yuan year-on-year. How does the physical enterprise feel personally? In the survey, the reporter asked the companies interviewed to rank the cost burden, and the labor costs were almost in the top three.
Jilin Xiangchen Food Company often selected talents to train in other places, but I did not expect that the people who sent them would not return. General Manager Yang Ying said that the employment shortage is more prominent in the Northeast, and it takes a lot of material and financial resources to train talents. Talents flow to big cities such as Beishangguang, and most of them remain uneasy about the status quo.
“On the production angle alone, the cost of employing people is the highest. In the food deep processing industry, the added value of products is low, and the wages of workers are rising rapidly.” Yang Ying said that the treatment of employees in enterprises is very competitive in the region, except for five insurances and one gold. It also provides benefits such as travel and training.
The person in charge of the Golden Anchor Group, which is mainly engaged in climbing safety equipment and painting tools in Tianjin, also made a fuss. “The cost of living is increasing, and the cost of employing people naturally goes up. Therefore, it is difficult for high-end talents to be introduced, which restricts the innovation and development of enterprises.”
How high is the labor cost? For example, Song Dewu, 11150 employees of Jilin Chemical Fiber, the average annual labor cost per person exceeds 70,000 yuan. According to the relevant person in charge of Galanz, labor costs also include hidden welfare costs such as salary incentives and accommodation.
In addition, some industries and enterprises report that raw material costs have increased. “For us, the cost of raw materials ranks first.” According to the person in charge of Skyworth, screens and glass accounted for the largest proportion of raw materials costs in the TV manufacturing industry.
Song Dewu said that in some regions, industries, and even raw material speculation, there are more speculators, but the recent control is still OK. “A part of the burden is mainly the transportation of raw materials, and the downstream industries of textile raw material production are mainly concentrated in the south.”

▶▶▶Links Since 2015, the state has reduced the unemployment insurance rate three times, and appropriately reduced the rate of work-related injuries, maternity and basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees, and reduced the cost of enterprises over 100 billion yuan to promote the development of the real economy. The head of the Department of Unemployment Insurance of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said earlier that the company is facing difficulties in production and operation, and is determined to reduce the burden on enterprises. Water and fish farming will provide support for steady growth and employment. Appropriate reduction of social insurance rates is an important measure for targeted regulation. In addition, some statistical experts believe that some unfavorable factors are worthy of attention. For example, the purchase price has risen too fast, and the pressure on the entity to reduce the cost of raw materials has increased.

Three questions investment direction
China is a big country. It is very important to develop the real economy. We should continue to promote industrial modernization and improve the level of manufacturing. In recent years, many entities and enterprises have “main business is not the mainstay”, and the investment structure and direction have a real trend.
Skyworth is adjusting its industrial structure and increasing the development of modern financial services such as industrial finance and industrial park development. “It will not simply increase investment in the stock market and real estate.” The relevant person in charge of the company said: “The results accumulated by the development industry in the past 29 years are hard-won and will not be easily abandoned.”
Xiangchen Foods began investing in real estate in 2008. “It is not easy to make money in the real economy.” Yang Ying said that the food processing industry is developing rapidly in Southeast Asia and has a greater impact on the domestic market. “Northeast grain is cooked every year and the production cost is high. The quality is good, but we have not been competitive with various factors.”
However, in 2013, after five years of real estate investment, Xiang Chen withdrew from the field. "The project has not lost money, the capital chain has not broken, but we are unfamiliar to this industry, so the board of directors decided to withdraw." Yang Ying said that confidence still comes from the granary of black land, "so good raw materials, for annihilation confidence?"
Dalian Jinma Group, which is under the jurisdiction of the boron industry, finance, real estate and other industrial sectors, has entered modern agriculture in recent years. Recently, it has taken a look at the natural environment and agricultural foundation of Jiamusi in Heilongjiang and decided to invest in rice industry. Wang Kezhen, vice chairman of the board of directors, said: "Whether it is a real or a virtual reality, the ultimate goal is to achieve economic benefits. The same is true for investing in modern agriculture. The rigid demand for rice is placed there by more than one billion people. It will better promote the development of other sectors; other sectors will make money, and more funds will be injected into the industry."
"More than 10,000 people can not be maintained by real estate speculators." Song Dewu does not intend to invest in real estate. "We are now the world's largest producer of acrylic and rayon, and the national industry needs old state-owned enterprises. The manufacturing industry should focus on the industry and lay a solid foundation." , speed up the upgrade, adapt to grasp and lead the new normal."

▶▶▶Link Zhao Changwen, Minister of Industrial Economics Research of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said that the financial and real estate industries have high profit margins, and the imbalance of the industry's compensation structure produces a siphon effect, which causes various innovative elements and production factors to escape from the real economy and enter these fields. It is necessary to raise the profitability and attractiveness of the real economy through comprehensive means such as cost reduction, quality improvement, and optimization of the market environment, so that the industry has a future.

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