What does it mean?

The entrance is a relatively common design in the home and is a buffer space between the interior and exterior of the home. The entrance looks simple, but the design is very skillful, and the entrance contains a wealth of traditional cultural knowledge. The following small series for everyone to introduce what the meaning of the entrance and entrance decoration notes.

What does it mean?

The entrance is a transitional space between the interior and exterior of a residence. It is also the buffering space for people to change shoes and undress. Although the entrance area is not large, but the use of high frequency, many people tend to ignore the decoration of the entrance.

Entrance decoration notes

1, practicality

The design of the entrance should be practical. When designing the entrance, some downlights or spotlights can be designed to create a warm and bright space. The entrance can also design a number of cabinets that can be used to store shoes, purses and other items, which is not only practical but also has a decorative effect.

2, privacy

The entrance is generally designed at the gate. It can hide the sight and prevent people from seeing the living room and the restaurant at a glance to avoid embarrassing situations. In addition, in order to not affect the lighting, hollow design can be used in the design.

3, diversification

In order to make reasonable use of space, people design shoe cabinets, locker cabinets, etc. at the entrance, which can enhance practicality and achieve practical and decorative effects.

4, unity

The style of the entrance must be united with the style of decoration, and it is not possible to abandon the overall situation just to pursue beauty. In addition the local design of the entrance can be made more elaborate, and spend more thoughts, such as the Chinese style home, the entrance is also preferred to Chinese style.

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Entrance Xuanguan entrance design entrance meaning

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