How to test the quality of laminating products for professional analysis

1) 揉搓 test method

Take the appropriate film sample of the appropriate area, use both hands to wash the clothes back and forth, and see if there is no separation or blistering between the plastic film and the printed matter. The bonding is firm and there is no release film, indicating that the product quality is reliable.

2) Tear test

The plastic film layer on the laminated film sample is peeled off by hand and peeled off to see if the printing ink layer can completely adhere to the film or the paper base is torn, and if it is, the compounding is normal.

3) Pressure test

Take the laminating sample to the die-cutting creasing machine or letterpress printing machine, and pressurize with a die cutter or letterpress to see if there is any whitening at the pressurization. No whitish phenomenon indicates good film quality.

4) Heating test method

Put the film sample into the drying tunnel, and bake at a temperature of about 65 °C, without peeling off the film, no foaming, no wrinkling, indicating that the laminating film is normal.

5) Water immersion test

After the film sample was placed in normal temperature water for about 1 hour, the film layer was not separated from the printed paper, indicating that the film layer was tightly bonded.

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